Online Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing BusinessEver tried to use online marketing strategies to grow your network marketing business? But maybe just not sure how to put all the pieces of that puzzle together?

Considering the fact almost all companies teach offline way of building the business, it’s not surprising a lot of people don’t know how to leverage the Internet. Some people think it’s confusing, while others straight up are crushing it.

Online marketing strategies don’t have to be confusing. In fact, they’re super simple if you implement them one at a time.

In this post you’re going to learn some of the simplest, yet most effective tactics you can utilize. This will help especially if you’re super limited on time you can devote to your business.

Online Marketing Strategies to Grow Your MLM Business


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With every single training I want to give you something for free, that will help you boost your business online.

One of the things that I know most network marketers and business owners struggle with is the daily routine. This is by far one of the most common questions I keep getting, so I decided to package it up into a free download for you.

There’s 6 essential elements that you must focus on every single day in order to get more leads, recruit more people into your home business and build a successful business online. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 hour, or 4 hours a day. You can customize this routine that fits your needs.

Once you have a solid DMO (daily mode of operation), things will change!


Although this may sound like an advanced strategy, which it is to some extent. However, it can be pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Especially, if you have somebody on your team who has run successful ads to either get customers or reps.

Why you may want to learn advertising? Simply because it’s a huge time saver! The big difference is you are straight up promoting something through an ad. Whereas, on a personal Facebook profile you first have to build rapport, develop relationships with people, and only after move on to offering them something (if even applicable). 

Facebook ads is definitely one of the most leveraged online marketing strategies that will help you automate the process of lead generation. And guess what? Once you have an ad that is working, you can have your team use a similar strategy.


If you are on Facebook, you’d be crazy not to use Messenger to grow your business. There are 2 ways to do that – either from your Fan Page (with the help of advertising) or from your personal profile.

I don’t know about you, but to me it never sounded appealing to spend 2 hours to get ready and go meet someone for coffee to show them my business. Why? Because I know that on Facebook I can easily meet 20-40 (if not more) people within the same amount of time.

And I don’t even need to get ready for a meeting, such as putting on makeup and all that. Besides, Messenger gives us the possibility to connect with people from all around the globe. Can it get any better than that?


Now this could be optional for new network marketers, but for those who want to go bigger, blogging is the way to go. That’s the ultimate way to build your personal brand and create authority online.

The biggest benefit of blogging is that you have the ability to be found on Google by your audience. No social media platform can ever give you that. And since you’re going to be creating content anyways, might as well get in front of more people.


Not a fan of writing? Then it’s a good idea to get into video marketing and dominated YouTube. Since it’s one of the biggest search engines out there, YouTube is a great way to get people to find you.

Just like any of the other online marketing strategies, this is up to your creativity. You can either create video reviews about your company products, or compensation plan and get it to rank online. Or you can build a YouTube channel like what I’m doing and create training.

At the end of the day, it always comes down to you putting out valuable information and having people come to you. Of course, it does take the time to build up, which is why you still want to talk to people using Messenger, as mentioned earlier.

More Resources to Help You Grow Your Business:

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Attraction marketing can be best implement alongside with personal branding. It certainly does take the time to build a brand that is going to stand out and make a huge impact. And if I were to choose one person who’s extremely knowledgable in this is my good friend Julia Baxter. I’ve personally got to work with her and she gave my brand a nice upgrade and more clarity. So if you’re at a point when you need a change, get your hands on this course. This will be by far one of your best investments! 

Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit – Learn More Here

How would you like to learn from 40 experts who have been practicing attraction marketing for YEARS? People like Ray Higdon, Mike Dillard, Matt Morris, Brian Fanale, Tanya Aliza, Todd Falcone, and well, yours truly.. I’m sure you know some of them. Every interview is absolutely priceless, and can give you major insights into how all the top earners have been building their empires. So if you’re serious about implementing attraction marketing in your business like a true pro, then you need this in your life.

Wanna Know What Tools I Use to Build My Business?

  • My Ultimate Tool Kit – I get asked a lot as to what exactly I’m using to grow my brand and my business, so I’ve put together one page where I shared everything I recommend. Hope you enjoy it!

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