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Jelena Ostrovska AboutHave you ever thought that there is MORE to life than living a “normal life” that everybody told you to? You know that process of go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, retire.. I mean, who really wants that? I sure didn’t!

Hey there! I’m Jelena Ostrovska, and I coach entrepreneurs to get out of the 9-5 rat race and take control of your life by creating more time freedom through online marketing.

Now let me ask you a question – how would it feel like having people come to YOU asking about your business opportunity or anything that you have to offer? What if I told you, that you no longer have to chase prospects? Crazy, huh? I used to think that it was only a dream to have that type of business.

If you have been struggling in your business for any given time, I totally understand, because I was in the same boat 4 years ago. Don’t worry, I got you covered – you landed in the right place!

Can You Relate to This? 

  • Tired of working long hours at your regular job, and you are exhausted every time you get back home.
  • Sick and tired of having a boss that controls how much money you make.
  • You never have enough money or time freedom to do the nice things you wanna do.
  • You’re looking for a better way to grow your existing business (so you never have to chase prospects ever again).
  • You’re ready to step into your true potential and take control of your own life!


My story is a little bit different than most people, as my parents introduced me to network marketing when I was 18 years old (still in high school – it was 11th grade so I was pretty dang busy). And I signed up the moment my dad showed me the compensation plan. You know those circles and the income potential? That’s what got me! I wanted to make a ton of money in one year to be able to pay for college.

It Wasn’t That Easy…

So I was struggling for the first 2 years, had to join the second company during that time. And continued to struggle.. Still while being at high school and trying to juggle between this business thing and school exams & also trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (I had to pick a college and who I wanted to be).

They Told Me NOT to Go to College

Yeah, it’s crazy! You will never believe that my parents actually told me not to go to college and instead focus on building a business, because I already had that money making vehicle. The only thing I was missing was education, the right education on how to BUILD this thing (as I was clueless).

So I started looking for a better way online, and I stumbled upon a marketing system that positioned itself as “Harvard for Network Marketers”, and that’s what got my attention. I did a TON of research on it (yep, I am a green personality so I need to know all the details). In September 2014 I finally took the plunged and jumped right in. That’s the month I was supposed to go to college. Internet became my higher education. And I’ll tell you what – I never looked back.

So here’s what happened over the last year…

=> Reached the rank of L4 (rank advanced 4 times) and got into TOP 15 out of 100,000 affiliates  inside of the leading attraction marketing platform.

=> Became a Certified Coach inside of that same marketing platform & now doing my own coaching as well.

=> Ranked as #8 MLM blogger out of thousands of bloggers in the profession.

=> Hit Top 3 in one of the biggest affiliate contests for 2015 for lead generation and multiple other contests.

=> Was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts “The Online Playmakers” by Norbert Orlewicz

=> Spoke on stage in front of 500+ entrepreneurs in Austin, TX in 2017.

=> Got Featured in the top Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit alongside with leaders like Ray Higdon, Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone and more.

It Wasn’t Always Like That

In 2014 that’s when it all really started for me. The first thing that was kinda new to me is the language. I am Russian, so I seriously had to re-adjust my brain to business English. And I’ll tell ya what – that was not easy by any means. When you speak English in front of Russians, everybody thinks you’re the best. But when you switch the environment and start speaking English in front of native speakers you understand that you suck.. So I had some real work to do even with my language.

Every day I was spending 10-14 hours in front of the computer or reading books, or watching courses, and just trying to figure it all out… I just couldn’t crack the code..

One person told me to do Facebook. The other said – go with Instagram. Then all of a sudden blogging seemed like a MUST. So I started this blog in January 2015. You can probably tell already that I was all over the place.

After I started my blog, they told me to do videos. And that’s when it got real difficult. To record a video in English for a Russian gal was just not possible. I literally couldn’t put together 2 words into one sentence. So I simple struggled for about a year.

August 2015 Was a Breaking Point..

For almost a year I got ZERO results – nothing. I probably made a couple hundred dollars here and there, but nothing consistent. I knew I couldn’t keep doing that. And in August my dad and I had a pretty tough conversation, when he made me realize that I needed a plan. I had to do something in order to get something out of this business. That conversation was my kick in the arse. Excuse my language, but that’s what needed to happen, and I believe every entrepreneur has that time in their life when they get into action mode.

My dad made me realize that I really was not doing much. I was just learning different stuff day and night. And as you probably know – just learning without taking action won’t get you anywhere.

So August 2015 was the month when I finally have put together a plan of action and got CONSISTENT with it. Consistency has become my middle name (before that I didn’t even know what it was). Guess what? 90 days later I hit my first rank! The first time in my career it clicked and I understood what I had to do.

What’s Next? 

You probably know that when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s like a roller coaster all the time. Ups and downs happen all the time. But sometimes, you just hit a wall and don’t know how to move forward. My business was stagnant for several months. Although I did hit a new rank, I knew there was supposed to be a big breakthrough.

That’s when I went to my first big live event in Austin, TX – it’s called Live the Dream (you can check out more details here as it’s an annual event). I traveled over 24 hours to get there. But let me tell you – boy was it worth it! That even changed everything for me.

Watching videos online, reading books and buying courses is cool, but when you actually meet the people you look up to in person and get to hang out with them, that’s a whole another game. All my big accomplishments came after attending this event. And here’s the big reason why (I absolutely LOVE this quote!):

It's not about who you know. It's about who knows YOU! Click To Tweet

So here’s a little sneak peek of the event and some of the leaders I got to hang out with.

Jelena Ostrovska Ray Higdon Mark Harbert Todd Falcone

5 Business Lessons That Will Help You Create a Breakthrough

So What’s the Secret?

Everybody is looking for the magic push button or a magic pill, or that secret that nobody tells you. I’ll tell you – there is NO secret. They to creating massive success in your business is having a vision and believing in yourself, as well as HARD WORK! Nothing can beat heard work and the willingness to push through even when it gets tough. That actually gives you 3 “secrets”!

As long as you keep going, you CAN create success! I always say – the ultimate failure is when you give up. But when you have a vision, you WILL keep going, as the vision always pulls you. Giving up is simply NOT an option!

Anything is possible when you make a decision that you WON’T quit until you succeed. Period.

If you want to stay connected and learn how you can take your biz and life to the next level, join my private FB society where I show you my strategies: