Instagram is a HOT Social Media Marketing method right now! And if you haven’t had a chance to use it or you have no idea HOW, I encourage you to check out my previous blog posts before reading this one.

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So once you read these 3 blog posts, where I shared the main ideas of marketing your business on Instagram, let’s move into details. You may be guessing what particular apps am I using to create catchy images on my Instagram account and what other apps do I use to simplify the process?

Google Play Store and App Store are FULL of many many different apps that you can use. I’ve been testing a lot of them, both on Apple and Android devices, so I can give you my suggestions for both of these operational systems.

I have put together a video tutorial for you, so you can have a full understanding on how to operate on Instagram. I have shared 10 Top Apps that I use and HOW to use them, and what they can actually do.

So as you can see, Instagram is not that complicated as you might have thought about it, because I see a lot of people say “oh, I’m too old to be on Instagram” or “what do I post there and how do I do that?”. Don’t make these excuses, just implement what I shared with you, and you’ll see how simple it is.

Apps that I mentioned in the video:

1)Studio Design – app to create catchy images with text and different graphics on them.

2)Font Studio – an alternative app for image designs (because Studio Design still doesn’t work on my Android phone, even though they did update the app).

3)InstaHelper (for Apple – InstaTags) – to create custom groups of your own hashtags, that you can copy into your images.

4)Motivational Quotes – there are TONS of these apps, you’ll find either the one I shared or something else.

5)Premium Wallpapers HD – for both Android and iOS you will find a lot of apps with wallpapers and high quality backgrounds.

6)SwiftKey Keyboard – this app just makes life so much more simple. Even though some people did leave a bunch of negative reviews, I don’t know why. It works perfect for me. And you can use several languages and just switch them (that’s what I just recently found out, because I use two languages – English and Russian).

7)Repost – there are a bunch of those apps, that allow you to repost other people’s images and videos.

8)PushBullet – that’s something new, that I didn’t use before, but I do now, because I always need to transfer stuff from my phone to computer and backwards. And from my experience it’s much faster than Google Drive or DropBox. And you can push your stuff either to one device or to all of them, and you’ll get a notification on your device once something was just received.

9)No Crop – I use this app for Instagram to crop some images, that aren’t square sized. It helps especially if there’s text on the picture and it’s being cropped by Instagram.

10)PicFrames – there are many other apps for creating collages, I just found that one, and it’s pretty cool.

*BONUS APPPhonto App

I didn’t include this app because I just found out about it, and it’s pretty awesome, so I decided to include it as a Bonus for you. It’s called Phonto, the icon is on the right. It is available both for Android and iOS. And it allows you to put text using different Fonts, and by different I mean a LOT of fonts, that you cannot use neither in Studio Design, nor in Font Studio. And more than that, you can also download apps from your phone browser and upload them into this app. Isn’t it incredible? I think so.

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