Top 10 Online Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2018 to Scale Your Business

Top 10 Online Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2018 to Scale Your Business

Top 10 Online Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2018 to Scale Your BusinessWondering what online marketing tools you should be using in 2018?

I have always been a tools’ junkie. Whenever I find something new and exciting, I’m all over this thing. Are you?

So in 2017 I have added a lot of new resources to my tool kit that I’ve been utilizing to grow my business, and adding a couple more in 2018.

In this article you’re about to learn the top 10 online marketing tools you gotta get your hands on in 2018.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re dead serious about creating success in your network marketing business, there might be one tool that you’re missing. I didn’t realize it myself when I first got started. A lot of network marketers are actually missing the personal development and lead generation aspects. They’re doing a lot of hard work, but forget about creating leverage – having people come to YOU asking about your business.

In 2014 I found an attraction marketing training platform that (not to exaggerate) not only changed my business, but my life. Not to mention it’s been around since 2008 and never been stronger. So if you’re looking to growgenerate more leads and surround yourself with literally the best community in the entire industry, I highly recommend for you to check out this platform. You and your business deserve this!

1. Trello

If you’re an organization freak like me or you feel all over the place sometimes, then you’re gonna dig this tool. What Trello does is it lets you create boards and basically organize your life. You ever have some ideas you wanna safe? Trello! Or you saved an important website or article? Trello! Heck, maybe even planning a trip somewhere? Trello! I literally store MY LIFE there. On top of it, I work with my coaching clients through Trello, because it’s a convenient way to store all the documents and to-do lists in ONE place. The best part? It’s free! (I have not personally used their paid plan yet).

Setup Your Trello Account Here

2. Dropbox

Just storying the files on your computer is kinda risky.. You never know what might happen – a little glitch and poof.. All the files are gone! That’s the key reason why I signed up for Dropbox to make sure all my files are backed up (and I’ve got an external hard drive too for that). Another reason is it’s just so easy to share files with your business partners and organize your projects. And if you have virtual assistants, I found Dropbox to be super handy to share files with them too. There is free and paid plan. With paid one you get 1TB of space which is plenty for the beginning!

Grab Your Dropbox Account Here

3. Canva for Work

If you want to create epic graphics without messing with Photoshop or hiring someone to do it for you, Canva is your best bet. I’ve been using it ever since I found out about it. But just a few months ago I upgraded to Canva for Work (their paid plan), and it made my life SO MUCH easier. Not only do they give you lots of stock photos you can use, you can also upload your own custom fonts, your brand colors (so you have them at your fingertips), and a ton more. All I can say is it makes my life easier and all the graphics look on point!

Check Out Canva for Work Here

4. 1Password

Ever forget the passwords you use for pretty much everything? I feel ya. It’s so much easier storing them all in one place, and then just remembering ONE password. That’s what 1Password is for. Moreover, when building a business, you wanna make sure all your personal data is secure. Another thing I like about this tool is that it can generate custom passwords for you, that is 1,000{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} more secure than any password you come up with. It is a paid tool though, but trust me, your security is worth it. 1Password has become one of my most valuable online marketing tools.

Learn More About 1Password Here

5. Google Calendar

If you know me, I live in a small country Latvia down in Eastern Europe, so I’m kinda in between America and Australia. So it’s quite interesting dealing with different time zones all the time, which is why one of my fave online marketing tools is Google Calendar. It’s free. Easy to use. And it also sends you notifications for important tasks. 

If you have a Gmail account, you already have it! Just grab an app on your phone.

6. Slack

One of the things I’ve done this year is I hired 3 virtual assistants, who edit my videos, do some time consuming tasks on social media and create graphics for my blog and YouTube channel. The ultimate way to communicate with your team is by far Slack. I’ve tried Slack, Facebook, but I wanted to keep my team communication completely separate. Especially, if you’re getting lotsa messages on FB, Slack is your best choice. Oh, and it’s free!

Check Out More About Slack Here


If you’re into video marketing like me, then you’ll wanna make sure you have a backup of your videos, rather than just relying on YouTube. This has been one of my go-to online marketing tools this year. It’s by far the most affordable out of a lot of them, yet it gets the job done. Also, if you’re into course creation or special trainings for your team, Vimeo is your best friend. There’s a free plan, and a a few paid plans. I’m personally using the one that allows you to upload 5GB of videos per week. It’s plenty!

Grab Your Vimeo Account Here at 25{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} OFF


Wanna do webinars or team calls? Zoom has really got its name this year and become very popular amongst online marketers and business owners. Probably one of the most affordable systems to do webinars if you’re just getting started. Their free plan allows you to do 40-minute meetings, and paid plan is only $15/mo.

Create Your Zoom Account Here


Now, if you wanna ramp things up and do some more professional webinars, then WebinarJam is gonna be your jam! They used to be using Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) for streaming platform. And I’ll be honest.. Haven’t been the biggest fan of it because of delays and complicated setup. NO MORE! My prayers have been answered, and they have revamped the whole platform, so now I can confidently say that this platform is the “go-to” when it comes to webinar marketing. Side note, it is a paid tool, and they offer either annual subscription or 3-month payment plan. 

Check Out More Details Here


Last but not least, if you REALLY wanna ramp things up, ClickFunnels is the freaking BEAST of the tools. I’ve used a ton of different softwares before to creating sales pages, landing pages, etc. And I can say that ClickFunnels is on top of all of them. The things you can do with it are totally NINJA. The creator is Russell Brunson, who is a total marketing genius, when it comes to funnels, lead generation, paid traffic. You just have to see for yourself!

Take 14-Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels Here

More Online Marketing Tools:

  • My Ultimate Tool Kit – I get asked a lot as to what exactly I’m using to grow my brand and my business, so I’ve put together one page where I shared everything I recommend. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I agree with ALL but 2 Jelena. I use LeadPages, it’s more pocket and user friendly for me…A personal preference.

    I also use a less known Webinar Platform called “enterthemeeting dot com” Way cooler and more pocket friendly than Webinarjam, again that’s my personal opinion. I love Zoom lots can be done with that platform. I would Add a Tool I cannot do without CAMTASIA. Cool list hun! 🙂

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