5 steps to become an expert in your niche

In yesterday’s blog post I shared with you the 3 different types of experts, as a part of my blog series on Brendon Burchard’s book “The Millionaire Messenger“. 

This is the foundation that he started his book with, and before becoming an expert, you should know what kinda expert you wanna be. 

Now is the time to dig deeper into the subject of becoming an expert in your niche. So what is it that you really have to do to be an expert?

So there are 10 overall steps how you can become an expert in your field. In this post I’m gonna share 5 of them, and in the next one I’ll be sharing the rest. 

1.Claim and Master Your Topic

It all begins with choosing your main topic that you wanna get really good at. Don’t try to master several things at a time. You won’t be able to catch 2 rabbits at once. Focus is your best friend. Remember, shiny objects are gonna be everywhere. You gotta stay the course and be focused on becoming an expert of the subject you picked. Let me give you an example. Look at all the successful athletes out there. Every single one of them is focusing on only one sport. You can’t become a champion if you try to spread yourself too thin. So don’t do this. 

That’s the biggest mistake I’ve made when I started this business. I was trying to become an expert with every single marketing strategy. And as a result, I didn’t get good at any of them. You have to be committed to the topic that you chose. Period. And in the video below I give lots of examples on this subject.

5 Steps to Become an Expert


2.Pick Your Audience

Choosing your audience always comes after you know your topic. Now you have to know who you wanna communicate with. Who are the people that are gonna be interested in your offers and in your content? And you have to think as narrow as possible. Maybe you’re gonna be speaking to teenagers, or to stay at home moms, or to professionals, or to offline business that wanna take their business online. Where do they live. What do they like. What’s their age. You have to know all of those things. 

3.Discover Your Audience’s Problems

When you know your audience, it’s time to dig even deeper. In order for you to position your product or service in front of them, you have to know their problems, their challenges, and frustration. Your offers have to fulfill your audience’s needs. People are not gonna buy anything from you, if they don’t see that your offer can really help them solve their problems. Period. 

In the video above I shared 4 very powerful questions that you can ask your audience, especially if you already have a list of subscribers. And you can conduct this short survey, to figure out how you can help your audience.

4.Define Your Story

When it comes to selling something to your leads, no matter whether it is your own products, or affiliate ones, you ALWAYS have to share your story. We all know that people don’t remember facts, and of course they can’t relate to them. You tell people a bunch of facts, and they will forget them after they watch your videos or read your content. But once you share your story while sharing content or your offers, people will relate to you. They may even have a similar story to you, and that’s what’s gonna get them to buy exactly from you. Facts tell, but stories sell. Always keep that in mind. 

There are several questions you gotta answer yourself to craft your story, that you can share with the masses, which I talk more about in the video.

5.Create a Solution

That’s where you start creating your product, whether it is a physical product, a digital one, a book, or even your live event or a coaching program. And what’s funny about this step to become an expert, that Brendon mentioned in the book, is that some people are too lazy to actually create their offer. I mean, what’s wrong with that? 

What I’ve seen a lot of the times, is that marketers would hire a ghost writer to write their books. It may be good, but people wanna hear from YOU, not from somebody else. So you really have to take the time to produce your offers. 

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