3 key activities

Ever asked yourself – what are the key activities that you should be focusing on every single day?

What are the things that you cannot go to sleep without getting done?

A lot of people go after every single shiny object that they hear about. Why? Because there are so many different marketing strategies that you can do. But none of that matters if you don’t understand the basic stuff. 

It all comes down to foundation that you base your business around. Social media platforms come and go. Marketing tactics come and go. But foundation is what stays there with you no matter what happens on the Internet space. 

You always gotta keep things simple. What’s the reason that top leaders in the network marketing have such a great duplication? Because they have simplified all the processes so that it’s easy to follow for every brand new person to the industry. 

So there are 3 key activities that you should be focusing on accomplishing every single day. Don’t go to sleep until you get this done. 

1.Meet 10 new people every day

When you are just getting started, and even if you’re not new in the industry, you ALWAYS have to be building your audience. Our industry is called “network marketing”, so the word “network” is in it for a reason. It’s all about expanding your network. And it doesn’t matter which social media platform you are using. It can be Facebook, it can be Instagram, it can be Twitter. Like I said – social media platforms come and go. Concepts stay the same. 

2.Create content

Once you meet people every day, you have to be in a constant production mode. Producers get paid. You have to focus on content creation every day. Content can be a video that you post either on Facebook or YouTube (or both). It can be a blog post just like this. It can even be a social media status update. However, I highly recommend to start a blog, because at some point you WILL do it anyways. Why? Because social media platforms can go into nowhere just like MySpace. But your blog is something that you own and nobody will shut you down. And you don’t wanna send people only to your social media accounts, because your prospects will be easily distracted. On your blog? You only have the stuff that you want your prospects to see. 

3.Build your email list

The purpose of all the marketing that you do is to get people on your email list. That’s how you can follow up with thousands of people with a click of a button. Pretty cool! Building an audience on social media, e.g., on Facebook is cool, but what happens after Facebook shut downs? You will lose all of the people. But when you have an email list, you don’t really care about social media and losing your contacts. In the video below I shared these 3 key activities that you need to do daily in details.

3 Key Activities to Focus On Daily


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