Top 3 Network marketing myths

Do you know the most common network marketing myths that people still believe in? 

We usually hear them as objections when prospecting people (especially those that are new to the profession). 

The majority of the people still have negative thoughts about network marketing

And there are a couple reasons for that. They either got burnt in it themselves by choosing the wrong company, wrong product, wrong team. Or someone they know (a family member or a friend) got burnt.

Bad experience works the same with everything. Let’s say you went on a vacation, and you didn’t like the hotel. Most likely, you’re not gonna stay at that hotel anymore in the future, right? The same thing goes with network marketing.

Get burnt once – then afraid to get into the same industry again, even if there’s a different company, different product. People have that bad perception of the industry. Here’s the thing – there are bad companies, and there are legit companies. In every industry there’s a good guy and a bad guy.  

So whenever you get any of the objections, these 3 network marketing myths that I’m about to share with you, you gotta deal with them. You have to show people that those myths are just myths, nothing else. 

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1.It is a Pyramid scheme 

I believe this is the MOST common myth that people say about network marketing. I hear it ALL THE TIME. When I joined my first network marketing company while still in high school, all of my ‘friends’ told me that I have to go to college and do something better with my life, rather than working in a pyramid. I said, I’m gonna stay with my pyramid, rather than working my ass off in college. 

From my perspective the biggest pyramid that is out there is a “9-5 job“. People are working so hard to get their salary, which is rarely growing. And they basically live paycheck to paycheck. More than that, it’s not a residual income, where you get the job done once, and it pays you over and over again, so you have a complete freedom in life. Sounds like a pyramid, don’t you agree? Do you wanna exchange your time for money for the next 30 or 40 years? I definitely don’t. 

Imagine a franchise business model. People invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into it, get into debt, and then work for the next decade hoping to pay it back one day. It’s not profitable for a very long time. Network marketing, on the other hand, is by far the most affordable investment in business and in your future that you can make. Can’t you really start a business for less than $500? I doubt that. 

In the video below I talk about this topic in more details, and I also share 2 more crazy network marketing myths. When you know these, you’ll be able to grow a bigger business, and educate people that network marketing is a better way. 

Top 3 Network Marketing Myths


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