3 Step Online Success Formula

Do you know the exact online success formula that every 7-figure beast marketer is implementing in their business?

What’s their secret? What’s the strategy? People are always asking about it.

Last month in Austin at a live event Norbert Orlewicz (on the left in the picture) was breaking down this exact 3 step online success formula.

Everybody is curious all the time – what’s the best marketing strategy? Should I do blogging? Do I need to record videos? Maybe webinars is the secret sauce?

If you want to stop questioning all of these things, read this entire blog post. This online success formula might be a little bit more simple than you think it is. Oh, and like I said, there are only 3 steps. 

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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In the beginning of the post I mentioned that there’s tons of marketing strategies. I can do a full blog post on just sharing what kinds of strategies you can use to grow your online business. There’s a gazillion of them. Do they all work? Yes! Do you need to use them all? Heck no! That’s where most people get confused – they try to do it all, and never succeed. Why? Because they can’t focus on one thing at a time. Try to catch 2 rabits at the same time, and you won’t catch either.

But how do you choose that one strategy? You always have to use your existing skill sets. Identify what is it that you’re already good at, and put your strengths into that particular strategy. If you love writing, do blogging. If you love Twitter and already using it, go for Twitter marketing. The strategies don’t matter. What matters is the foundation. And that’s what this 3 step online success formula is all about. If 7-figure marketers are using it, I’m pretty sure you can use it for your own business too.

1.Build Your Audience

Now I don’t care what business you are building, you NEED to have people that are going to be interested in your products or services. Whether it is network marketing, affiliate marketing, your own coaching, brick and mortar business, e-commerce, real estate. You MUST get in front of your audience. Without an audience you really don’t have a business.

You can provide the best content and the best offers on the planet, but if nobody can see it, you’re just wasting your time. So how do you build an audience? That’s where you choose a marketing strategy. Do you wanna go with Facebook prospecting? Maybe Facebook ads if you’re a business owner? It might be blogging. Might be YouTube videos. The choice is yours. But you have to understand that you have to grow your audience, using either method that you resonate the most wth.

Just building up your audience obviously is not enough. There are 2 more steps in that online success formula. I go over them in the video below, so check it out if you don’t like leaving money on the table.

3 Step Online Success Formula

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