Content Creation Strategy

If you’re in any type of business online, you need to have a content creation strategy in place.

Why content? Pretty simple. You can’t just sell something to people who don’t know you.

In order for you to start making sales in any business, you need to educate people first. And the best way to do this is to create content for your target market. Content, that solves specific problems.

So today I’m going to share 3 simple steps to killer content creation strategy.

Step #1: Create.

The very first step is pretty obvious – to create the content first. Educate your potential prospects and customers. Content can be in any share or form –ย blog posts, videos, articles, press releases, status updates on Social Media.

There are countless of ways for you to come up with content ideas.

First of all, think of what problems and challenges is your target market going through? Are they struggling with lead generation, prospecting, getting more customers?

Then get yourself educated first. Invest in training, attend webinars, go to live events, read books.

Another great idea for content creation strategy is to simply to go YouTube, and subscribe to different channels within your niche – get ideas and inspiration from the videos to create your own unique content.

3 Simple Steps To Killer Content Creation Strategy

Step #2: Promote.

Once you create content, you always need to have a CTA (call to action). You need to collect people’s contact information. You can either offer them a free newsletter in exchange for their name and email address, or even better – you can create a Lead Magnet – a free giveaway (report, cheat sheet, video training, webinar recording), that solves your audience’s specific problem.

Once you have the contact details, you need to follow up with your leads. The fortune is in the follow up – that’s how you’re going to make 90{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} of your sales. There are various ways how you can follow up with people – by email via Autoresponder such as AWeber or Get Response, offer people free consultation on the phone or Skype, call them up, etc.

Don’t ever expect any sales right away when you get a lead. In most cases it’s not going to happen. So you need to have a follow up strategy in place. Either a series of email that your leads are going to get after they leave you their contact details, or send them daily emails, or BOTH ๐Ÿ™‚

This is how you can build relationship with your leads, the so called K.L.T. factor – Know, Like & Trust.

Once people get to know you, and your story, and what your product or service can do for them, they will buy from you.

Step #3: Convert.

This step goes tight with the previous content creation strategy step, but it’s the most critical one. When you understand your audience’s problems, challenges, and frustrations, you need to offer them solutions AKA your offers – products, business opportunities, services, etc.

And, of course, you’re able to convert more leads into customers by constantly following up with them, and always pointing them back to your offers.

One of the most important questions you need to answer for them – “What’s In It For Them?“. This is the exact question that all people ask when they get across a product or service. People don’t get about the features or ingredients of the products, they care about what it will DO for them.

So this is a pretty simple content creation strategy for you to implement in your business – to get more leads, convert more sales, help more people, and make more money in the process!

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