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Are you focusing on income producing activities or are you just being “busy” all day long, and at the end of the day you ask yourself – “what have I done today to move my business forward?”.

If you still ask this question and get a negative answer to it, continue reading the post, because I’m gonna share 3 top income producing activities that will get you results in your business and will propel you to success faster.

Unless you are productive and just being busy, you are just wasting your time without getting ahead, while others are taking action.

People tend to over-complicate a lot of things in their business, they think they need to learn everything, then they need to apply everything. Eventually they become overwhelmed and frustrated with all the information (the majority of them quit).

And that’s what I did in the beginning – I was literally in a learning mode. If there was a webinar – I’m there. I showed to every single training I could find. I didn’t care about the topic, I was just eager to learn. And only now I realize that it was the wrong approach. You have to learn the fundamentals first, and get into action! Because action is what’s gonna get you results. Period. 

#1: Content

You may already know that content is KING. I don’t have to prove it to you. So what I see a lot of people are still doing is posting their business opportunity links in Facebook groups, tagging random people in their posts. That’s not attractive, that’s repelling. And it’s desperate. You have to give people a reason why they should work with you over everyone else out there. And that’s one of the key reasons why you MUST create content on a consistent basis. You have to get your name out there, because in the beginning nobody knows you.

Content can be anything – an Instagram image or a 15 second video, a short tweet, a Facebook status update, a video, a blog post, or even a webinar (if you’re more advanced). But here’s something that I want you to understand – if you really wanna position yourself as an expert in the market place, you gotta create major pieces of content at least 5 times a week (I recommend daily). And by major I mean a video or a blog post (or even better – both!).

If you are putting blog posts 2-3 times a week, you’re doing nothing! This is harsh true, and I can tell it from my own experience. I did post with a consistent plan of action, and I never got enough traffic and leads on my blog. Until you are doing it minimum 5 times a week, you’re just a tourist with a hobby. Blogging and online business is not a hobby, it’s a REAL business. And you have to treat it such. You don’t go to work 2-3 times a week or whenever you feel like it? You’ll get fired if you do! The same thing applies to blogging and to any marketing strategy. 

3 Top Income Producing Activities


#2: Build Your Audience

Once you have content created, you need to build an audience that’s going to listen to you, or you’ll be speaking to no one. Yes, in the beginning you won’t have a lot of people. Everyone starts from zero and then builds it up. I started from scratch with this blog, I could barely get 50 or even 100 views a day (I don’t even speak about getting leads with that amount of traffic), now I get consistent 250-400+ views a day, but I didn’t before.

You can build your audience using 2 ways – organic traffic or paid advertising. I highly recommend doing organic, simply because paid advertising for a beginner is gonna be tough. You’ll spend months trying to figure it out. I recommend starting with online prospecting (for example on Facebook), set a number of people that you’re gonna talk to daily, and don’t go to sleep until you hit that number

You can prospect on any social media that you choose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Facebook. You can direct message to people on Instagram, or Twitter. If you’re crazy, you can split up your total number, and talk to 10 people on Instagram, 10 people on Facebook, and 10 people on Twitter. Do you think your audience will grow if you talk to 30 people a day? Hell YES! 

So when you combine passive marketing (video, blog post) with active prospecting on Social Media (and eventually add paid advertising to it), your business will flourish. 

#3: Follow Up With Your Audience

Now, once you have an audience (I don’t care how many people you’ve got), you MUST follow up with them. There are multiple ways to do that – Skype, phone, email. If you’re building your list (which you should be doing), then you have to email your list via Autoresponder (I’m using Aweber). I highly recommend emailing daily, because people will remember you and they will pay attention to you, and your open rates will be higher. 

Like I said – I don’t care how many people you have on your list, whether it is 10 or 20 people, you should be emailing them daily. What stops a lot of people from emailing daily is getting unsubscribes. So what? Get as many unsubscribes as you can, because when you do – that’s when you ARE marketing. Don’t go after big numbers. Go after qualified prospects that are interested in YOU and your offers. If someone unsubscribes – let them go. 

Another reason of emailing daily is this – a lot of people get burned in the industry, and they are looking for leadership, for someone who’s not jumping from one program to another. They need to have that security, that you’re not going away. And you have to show them that you’re not going anywhere by emailing DAILY and providing quality content. 

In terms of follow up, emailing is not enough (especially if you’re just getting started). You have to call your leads. You have to show them that you’re a real person, and not just another guy hiding behind a computer. You see, these people that are on your email list, most likely are on other lists too, so when you call them, you differentiate yourself from everyone else, because 95{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} of people don’t call their leads. You should!

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