3 Top Marketing Rules

Do you know the very basic marketing rules that will help you with your business?

Sometimes you have to forget about making everything complicated, and keep it simple.

I was on a webinar hangout with Diane Hochman a few months ago, and she shared these 3 marketing rules.

Whether you are in network marketing, or any type of home business, you can implement it right away!ย 

Become a Professional Marketer

Would you like to become an authority in YOUR niche? How would you like to have people coming to YOU asking about YOUR business? Just imagine that feeling, when you don’t need to chase people and pitch your products. I was hoping to find that magic wand 3 years ago. Fortunately enough, I found a training system that can teach you how to become a PRO.

It also gives you the tools that you need in order to market your business online. You get a pretty blog just like this one, a Customer Relationship Manager to follow up with your leads like a real professional, as well as a little tool which allows you to setup capture pages in a few minutes (so you can generate leads & create your own offers). How sick is that? What if I told you that I’ve added $2,000 worth of bonuses to that? It’s only available for the first 5 people though ๐Ÿ™ Yeah, these bonuses actually do require my time, but I’m willing to do this to help you as much as I can! (P.S. the bonuses are not listed on the page, you can reach out to me on Facebook to check them out)

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1.People are seeking to be LED

If you look around in the home business industry, people always seek leadership. That’s what some network marketing companies lack. They may have amazing support and everything is awesome, but people still need more solid training. People need someone to guide them or to mentor them, or to coach them on step-by-step what they need to do.

Even Eric Worre recently said that most network marketing companies don’t have a rock-solid training that’s going to show the practical things that marketers need to implement. That’s the reason there’s a lot of generic training, such as the one I mentioned above, or Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event that’s hosted by Eric Worre. If network marketing companies had great training, people wouldn’t be looking around.

So what can you get out of it? No matter what you are promoting, you have to step up as a LEADER! You become a leader the moment you decide to be. It’s just your decision. You are here to provide help to the people that need it. Become the leader that they wanna follow. And guess what? You don’t need to know everything! Know the basics (nothing complicated or technical). You can do it!

In the video below I share 2 more key marketing rules that you need to know. Usually your upline won’t tell you this (at least they didn’t tell me).

3 Top Marketing Rules

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