4 lead generation methods to make you stand out

Everybody is always looking for the most simple lead generation methods to grow their business. And there’s a lot of them.

However, sometimes people tend to do the things that don’t make them stand out in any way, shape or form.

I mean, when thousands of people promote the same company or product, or opportunity, you have to find a way to be a little bit more different.

That’s what I’m gonna share in this post. I shared it with some of my coaching clients about a week ago. There are 4 different lead generation methods that you can implement right now to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Lead Generation Made Simple

If you’re dead serious about creating MLM success in your business, there might be one tool that you’re missing. I didn’t realize it myself when I first got started. A lot of network marketers are actually missing the personal development and lead generation aspects. They’re doing a lot of hard work, but forget about creating leverage – having people come to YOU asking about your business.

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Keep in mind that there are tons of lead generation methods, and every single one of them works. But in this post I wanted to share with you something that’s working pretty well for me, and for the clients that I’m working with (if you’re looking for a coach to help you put everything together, fill out an application here).


That one is by far my favorite marketing strategy, because that’s how I’ve built up my credibility online, and this method helped me stand out from everybody else a LOT. I believe that blogging is the ultimate way to be different. Especially if you do it the right way and don’t just pitch your products and business.

I gotta admit, this may not be your simplest lead generation strategy, but it’s a long term one. It’s not going to bring you instant results, but through consistent blogging you WILL be generating consistent leads. And the best part – these leads are the most qualified. Why? Because they already know who you are, so when you pick up the phone and call them, they’re not gonna ask – “who the heck are you and why are you calling me?”. That rarely happens.

Now you may be asking – how long should I blog to start getting those “consistent leads”? You may or may not generate leads once you start blogging and promoting your blog posts. I got about 15+ leads my first month of blogging (which wasn’t consistent). The more realistic expectation (that’s based on my experience) is blogging for 180 days. That’s when I started generating on average 2-5 leads a day, just from my blog.

The thing is not everybody will do it. Not everybody is patient. Not every single person is willing to put in the work and effort into it. But I gotta tell you – all of it is so worth it. Blogging has definitely had a lot to do with some of my success.

Do you want some faster lead generation methods? In the video below I share 3 more strategies that I’m currently using. In fact, one of them has been a total “ninja” for me, and I couldn’t believe that I generated about 5 leads the first day I put it into action.

4 Simple Lead Generation Methods

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