Yesterday I shared with you why it is crucial to have a blog if you intend to market online in a long haul. I hope I was able to clarify the fact that blog is your online “home”, it is your hub, where you can share your knowledge and your value with other marketers, and even non-marketers. Who knows who’s reading your blog? You can never be sure about it. 

Right now you have a clear vision, why blog is an essential part of your business, and how it helps you develop your brand much faster than on any other social media websites. So if there’s still something that’s stopping you from creating your blog, you should read this post. I am going to share 4 myths about blogging and how simple it really is, even if it doesn’t look like that to you. 

Myth #1: You must be an expert.

When you’re just getting started with something new, like a blog, you’re never an expert. You can’t know everything. We all start from something, it doesn’t mean that we all are gurus. The best thing to learn is just by practicing. Get a blog, start creating content, do it every day. You will learn everything in the process. 

Myth #2: You need more credibility.

Blogging is the WAY how you can build this credibility. You don’t ever begin something by being perfect. Stop focusing on yourself, and start thinking of what you can deliver with your blog – what value can you bring to the market place, how you can help others. Network marketing is not about overnight success, it’s not about making money fast. It always takes time. So it does take time to build credibility, and blogging is the way for you to do it. Just get into it and stick with it. 

Myth #3: You need technical knowledge and ability.

Today it got so much easier to start a blog. You don’t need to know any programming or coding stuff like CSS, PHP, HTML and whatever.. WordPress has simplified this entire process for all of us, this is by far the easiest platform EVER. So don’t focus on technicality, don’t make things complicated. Everything is so much easier than it may look like. 

Myth #4: You have to write well.

Now this is why most people fear to start blogging. They think that they need to be Joanne Rowling to have a successful blog. It is not true! They think that they don’t have enough writing skills, they always want to look perfect. It’s just not possible! None of us is perfect. I am personally not even a native speaker. English is NOT my first language, my native language is Russian! I got all of my English knowledge at school. So if a Russian girl can have a blog in English, so can YOU! Just have enough belief in yourself, know that you CAN do it no matter what. Stop making excuses and just make it happen! 

And here’s my Challenge for you – if you DO have a blog, start creating a blog post EVERY single day! And if you DON’T, go get one! 

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