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Ever asked yourself – what are the reasons that people don’t buy your products, or your services? Or why don’t they join you in your network marketing business? 

Why do some people make all the money in the world, and you’re still trying to find a way on how to make your first sale? I asked this question myself a LOT when I first started in the online marketing. 

I just finished reading Jeff Walker’s book called “The Launch“, and in one of the chapters, he explained 4 reasons why people DON’T buy. Why is that important to you? Because if you know that, you are closer to the answer how to actually GET people to buy your offers. 

1.They are not interested in your offer

So how do you fix that problem? Let’s say, you have an amazing product, with all the benefits in the world. And you have small competition. But people don’t buy it… What’s wrong? Why wouldn’t people buy your awesome product? Here’s the thing – if you have a great product, but no one buys it, means that you gotta work on your target audience. Jeff gives a great example about a wheelchair. What if you market it to people that don’t need a wheelchair? They won’t buy it. Pretty easy. That’s why you have to position your product in front of a targeted audience. 

2.They don’t have the money to buy your offer

That’s one of the most common objections that people give in network marketing and when it comes to buying something. They may not have the money in their bank account as Jeff Walker says in the book. OR they are lying to you. And they just don’t have a vision (if it’s a network marketing opportunity offer), or they don’t have the belief that’s necessary to get your offer. And I talk about it and the other 2 reasons why people don’t buy in the video below. 

4 Reasons People Don’t Buy From You


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