4 step goal setting formula

Have you ever wondered – how do you create a goal setting formula that will get you results? 

A lot of of the times people set their goals, and they’re either non-achievable, or people don’t believe in those goals enough, and eventually they quit on those goals.

It happened to me a lot when I first started in business, and I knew I had to my goals, but I never knew how to do it properly and effectively.

How do you set your goals and actually keep yourself accountable to accomplishing them? You see, it’s so easy to set some goals, but if you don’t know how to achieve them, you’re never gonna get them. Period. 

Set 90 Day Goals

You gotta be very strategies with your goals. And I talked about 30 day goals quite a lot in the previous videos that I’ve done. And yes! They are extremely powerful. And you DO have to set them. But 90 day goals are extremely effective, because that’s the period of time when you’re able to gain some good momentum. And once you get that momentum, you will start accumulating even more results in your business. I know for a fact, because it worked for me very well. And it keeps working now. 

Goal Setting Formula Tips

Always write down your goals on paper – this is by far the most effective ways to achieve them. I believe, whatever gets written down, gets DONE! And that’s something I’ve tested before. When I wasn’t writing down my daily method of operation, I had no idea what I had to do. Once I started writing it on paper, I became more accountable and more productive. Do this and you’ll start major shifts in your business. 

Keep your goals in front of you – writing them down is not enough. You have to SEE your goals every day, wherever you go. Put them on your computer desktop. Put the sticky notes around your house. Put them in your daily planner. Put your goals on your phone. They have to be EVERYWHERE! The more I see my goals, the more excited I get, and the more action I take as a result. 

Imagine yourself being already THERE. When you write your goals down, put them in the present tense. You have to see yourself already being that person that you wanna become. You have to see yourself getting your award on stage. You have to see yourself buying your dream house or your dream car. Immerse yourself into your goals! 

Don’t just say you’re gonna do this. Go and actually DO this! It’s all about implementation. In the video below I share the exact goal setting formula that you can put into action starting today!

4 Step Goal Setting Formula


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