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How do you build a profitable online business?

If you are stuck and don’t know where to begin, or which action steps to take to build a profitable online business, then you need to understand these 5 core elements

You gotta understand the fundamentals first before you try learning everything all at once without getting ahead. 

What I’ve learned by being in this industry is that once you get your foundation right, everything else will be much easier.

So in this post I’m sharing 5 core elements of a profitable online business that you have to implement. 

Element #1: Content

Content is king and that’s exactly what you should be focusing on every single day. Content can be provided in many different forms – blog posts, videos, webinars, Facebook status updates, Twitter posts, Instagram images and videos. However, I do recommend to provide major pieces of content at least 5 times a week. And by major I mean a blog post or a video (or both).

What you have to understand is whenever you create content, you gotta have an end goal in mind, your content has to be strategic and it has to be on purpose. You should know why you create this content and what action steps you want your audience to take after reading or watching it.

Apart from that, your content has to support your online presence and your brand in general, it has to be congruent with what you’re all about. For example, if you are in home business industry, it’s not logical to talk about gardening, right? Your content has to be specific towards your particular niche. On top of that, content should tie all of your marketing together. 

5 Elements of a Profitable Online Business


Element #2: Lead Generation

Once you have your content out there, the whole purpose of it is to generate leads. I’m not talking here about leads that you buy or whatever. I’m talking about leads that are already exposed to your content and they got to know you through the value that you put out there.

In order for you to generate leads, you need 3 things: 

  • Lead Magnet – free give away (PDF report, cheat sheet, video training, webinar recording, video series).
  • Lead Capture Page (which consists of a headline and an opt-in form).
  • Email Autoresponder (the way for you to capture leads and follow up with them, I use AWeber, but you can use any that you like).

Element #3: Follow Up & Engagement

Speaking of email marketing, follow up is a lot more than just an email sequence. I do like to have a follow up in place, but I like to be present with my emails, because I do email daily, I share blog posts and all sorts of content (if you’re not on my email list, click on the top right banner to subscribe, and you’ll also get a free PDF report). 

What you should be doing is nurturing your list consistently via broadcasts. I do recommend to email your list every day, that’s what I do, and it works a lot better compared to emailing a few times a week. You’re already paying for an autoresponder, so why not use it?

So what do you share in your emails daily? You can share blog posts, videos, stories, webinar invites, some breakthroughs that you had in your business, that are going to help your audience. The way I write my emails is I always think – what’s going to help my subscribers? How can I add more value to their lives? And go from there.

Element #4: Monetization

Don’t ever rely on a single stream of income. I highly recommend having several offers to promote. BUT! They all have to be congruent. Don’t just sell every other product that you see on the market place. You gotta use the product, and if it’s good, promote it. 

If you are in a network marketing company, I do encourage you to stay within your company (I don’t recommend building 2 network marketing companies at once, cause it will confuse your audience), but having other sources of income are great! I talk more about different monetization strategies in the video above.

Element #5: Traffic

You may be wondering – “well, Jelena, why traffic is the last part?“. The thing is there are no traffic problems, there are only offer and conversion problems. You can get as much traffic as you want from any source, but what matters is WHAT you do with that traffic and WHAT you promote to them. 

In order for you to make traffic methods work is to choose 1 or 2 main strategies, and focus on mastering them. Every single strategy works as long as you are consistent with it and committed to make it work!

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