Top 5 Facebook Prospecting Mistakes You Want to Avoid to Succeed OnlineWould you like to know the top Facebook prospecting mistakes most network marketers are making?

I don’t know about you, but I have probably done every single one of them, so I’m not judging if you’re in the same boat.

We all live and learn from our mistakes or from someone else’s. These mistakes is the reason why a lot of people are struggling in the home business profession.

Once you understand them and adjust your networking on social media, things will change.

In this post and video I’m covering 5 of the biggest Facebook prospecting mistakes, that you absolutely must avoid if you want to success in this profession.

Top 5 Facebook Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid


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Sometimes I don’t feel like mentioning this mistake, but I think I should. Simply because there’s so many people that are still doing it on social media. Showing your company name all over Facebook and other platforms is not smart. And if your company or upline is teaching you this right now, you better stop listening. I’m dead serious.

What do people naturally do when they see a product or a company name? They go to Google! And what does Google say – either it’s a scam… Or someone else is going to get that customer you were supposed to get. Kinda sad, huh?!

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When networking on social media and creating content, your goal is to create curiosity. You are basically forcing people to reach out to you and ask what it is you have going on. 


What I mean by agenda here is an agenda to sell. A lot of the times you engage with someone in a conversation on Facebook, and you can smell a pitch coming. Ever feel this way? It’s called “commissions breath”.

I personally hate the word ‘agenda’, because to me it has a negative connotation. Whenever talking to people on Facebook, detach yourself from the outcome. You are just making a friend. That’s it. Relationship building is key.

Over the last few years I’ve built a LOT of relationships on social media, that have eventually led to business together. It certainly didn’t come instantly. Some people may get curious what you do immediately, while others will look from the sidelines.

When building relationships on social media there’s one thing that I think is crucial to understand too. There is a difference between networking and prospecting. Curious what it is?

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Here’s how I view it – networking is when you actively engage in conversations and build relationships. Whereas, prospecting is when you expose somebody to a product or opportunity you promote.


There’s one lesson I learned early on from Ray Higdon – “say less to more people”. And this has served me incredibly well throughout the last few years.

Don’t try to over-sell to the people you’re talking to. If they ask for information on what you do, send them one video. That’s it!

Let them consume the information and let them ask questions. And once they do, only THEN send them more details to fill in their questions, or hop on a call.

Guess why this is also beneficial? As a prospect and potential business partner they get to see your process. If it’s simple, they’ll be like “Oh, that’s easy. I can do that!”. Business building should be simple. So don’t overcomplicate it.


Follow up is one of those areas where, I think, we all as network marketers should get better. Exposing somebody to a product or business you promote is great, but the follow up is the key.

You show someone the video or add them to a Facebook group to check out the information; what’s next? Setup the follow up date when you’re going to reach out to them.

Typically I give a day or two before messaging back after adding a prospect to a Facebook group. Later on, I answer questions, setup a 3-way chat or get on a call.


And last, but certainly not least, is the amount of conversations you’re having on a daily basis. A lot of people tell me – “but, Jelena, I talk to people, but no on joins..”. The question I ask then is “How many people have you talked to this week, and how many have you exposed to business/product?”. The answer is typically not that good.

If you want to build a bigger business, your goal should be to build as many relationships as you can. Everything in network marketing and any other business falls on relationship.

Especially, as you just get started in the home business, your goal should be to go out and talk to people. That’s it! If you’re wondering where to find more people to talk to, check out this article I did recently.

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