This is the second, and the last Part of my Blog series about the lessons that I learned at Traffic Millionaires Summit in London.

If you haven’t read Part 1, make sure you read it here: 

5 Lessons I Learned At Traffic Millionaires Summit [Part 1]

So here are the next 5 lessons that I learned last weekend in London:

  • Position yourself as an expert. Note, an expert is a person, that knows one more thing than you.. It’s not that difficult at all. Don’t try to over-complicate everything, keep things simple, and it’ll be easier for you to build your business.
  • Become a Master at Story Telling. People always relate to stories, most of them don’t care what you have accomplished. They need to see that you’re real and what you’ve done is possible for an average person. Always tell people about your flaws, tell them that you’re not perfect. Show them that they CAN do this!

Here’s an example of a good story: Ordinary World – tell your audience who you were, what struggles you were going through, and what you discovered – the Solution that allowed you to break free.

If you wanna become a Master Story Teller, THIS is something I highly recommend for you.

  • The hardest thing to get is TRUST. When you have the trust developed between you and your customers, they will buy everything from you. So whenever you talk to someone, don’t try to sell them something straight away, build relationships with them, share your story, bond with them, and form that trust. 
  • Business is not about the tactics, it’s about getting the smog out of your head. Most people do not succeed in this industry, because their mindset is “covered” with all the problems and issues that they have in life, that stop them from reaching the success they desire. Even when you know all the marketing strategies in the world and you know HOW to implement them, but you don’t work on your mindset, none of them will work.
  • In today’s economy most people expect bad things, so when you give them something really good, they’ll love you for it. So whenever you put the content out there, e.g. a video, a webinar, a course, give them MORE than they paid for or expected. Focus on always over-delivering to your audience, and they will always be attracted to you. 

As a bonus for you, watch the video below that I recorded in London after the first day of Traffic Millionaires Summit, where I shared my biggest 3 take-aways from the event. Hope you enjoy them!

My 3 Biggest Insights from Traffic Millionaires Summit #TMS2015

Posted by Jelena Ostrovska on Sunday, May 17, 2015


Here are just a couple of pictures from the event:

Jelena Ostrovska with Nido AbdoMe with Nido Abdo (The Master Copywriter)Jelena Ostrovska with John ChowMe with John Chow (The Blogging Guru)Jelena Ostrovska with Tom CollinsMe with Tom Collins (Mr $750 Million Man)Jelena Ostrovska with Shaqir HussyinMe with the Youngest Highest Paid Internet Marketer Shaqir Hussyin

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