Traffic Millionaires Summit Jelena OstrovskaOn May 15-17th I attended an absolutely amazing event that was conducted by my friend and mentor Shaqir Hussyin and his team in London, called Traffic Millionaires Summit 2.0. 

I can talk about this event on and on, but I decided to put together 2 blog posts for You on my biggest take aways that I got at the event. There were SO many golden nuggets shared, and it was difficult to choose what exactly to share with you, so I decided to split it into 2 separate blog posts. 

Today I’m gonna share the Top 5 Take Aways from the event.

In one of my recent blog posts I also shared The Power Of Attending Live Events.

  • Don’t ever put other people above you, don’t put them on the pedestal.  They are the same as you are, the only difference is that they’ve done different things, which led to different results. If you do things differently, you will get different results. Something to think about…
  • You are going to get paid based on the value that you bring to the market place. So whatever it is that you’re doing, make sure to lead with value. Whether it is a blog post, an email, a Facebook status update – value value value.
  • Surround yourself with the industry leaders, those who have already made the Jelena Ostrovska and Shaqir Hussyinmistakes, who have gone through the exact journey that you’re going right now. And the best way for you to do this, is to GET TO EVENTS. Events is the place where you get to hang out with leaders, to ask them questions that you’ve been looking answers to, you get to take pictures and make videos with them. Most of the breakthroughs happen at the events! Commit to attending live events, and you’ll see magical things happen to your business!
  • Rich people constantly learn and grow, whereas poor, broke people think they know it all. Don’t ever think like you already know everything. Every time you attend a webinar, or a live event, or you read a book, always have an open mind. Embrace the information and put yourself into action. No one knows it ALL. There’s always a LOT more out there, that you can learn. Look at every training as a potential growth for yourself.
  • Systems work, people don’t. That was a big AH-HA moment for me at the event. As you may already know, a lot of internet marketers complain that their company, or product, or system doesn’t work. The thing is, that people rely on platforms and don’t put in effort and work into it themselves, that’s why it occurs to them, that this “internet” thing doesn’t work, and eventually they quit without realizing the true potential of having an automated internet business.

Did you get value out of this? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented and shared! 

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