5 Best MLM Prospecting Questions

Ever struggled with what kind of MLM prospecting questions should you be using to recruit more people into your business?

I have always been looking for those “magical” questions or the scripts. I knew there was something I didn’t know.

Then I heard Tony Robbins say “The better questions you ask, the better answers you’re gonna get“. And this made total sense!

So in this post and the video below you’re going to learn 5 of the best MLM prospecting questions you can start using in conversations right now.

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First of all, I do want to give you a warning, that some of the questions that I share in the video cannot be used in text messages, or Facebook Messenger. Why? Because they simply don’t work like that! I actually had a couple of people approaching me with one or two questions that I talk about in the video, and I was just turned off by them. Not always, but in some cases – yes. You’re gonna know why.

Where do you use these questions? Offline! Not just in the shopping malls, but on the phone. If you’re scared of picking up the phone, check out this blog post that I did a while ago. Your phone should seriously become your best friend. This is your ATM of a network marketer!

Don’t be super scared! There are certain questions that you can ask over the chat on Facebook or any other social media. I share which ones in the video down below! Feel free to share with your team if it’s helpful.

5 Best MLM Prospecting Questions

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