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Is content creation really important for business? Or you may not do that and just pitch your business opportunity on the Internet?

Is it really effective for business building online? From my perspective, if you’re not creating content on a consistent basis, you’re missing out, big time. 

If you’re not creating content and not sharing value, how are you attracting leads and customers for your business? Spamming Facebook groups? That’s not a good idea.

Prospecting? That works, and I don’t have anything against prospecting (I do it too). But the most leveraged way to attract new people to YOU is content. Period. You create a video or a blog post, and it works for you on autopilot, even 5 years from now. How cool is that? 

When it comes to content creation, there are 5 reasons why you absolutely MUST do that. 

1.It builds your brand. Everything that you do online always comes down to your brand. Are you branding your company name, or your name? If you’re doing the first thing, please STOP. I’ve done it myself, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made and I’ve wasted a lot of time on it. Companies come and go, but your name, your brand always stays there forever. I’m reading a great book by Grant Cardone “The 10X Rule”, and he shared one of the advice that his dad gave him – “People can take everything away from you, but your name“. Your company may be out of business, but you can build a new one from scratch, because your name is a brand that people know. 

And the best way to build your brand on the Internet is through content creation. Content can be anything – a blog post, a video, Twitter update, Facebook status update, a Periscope broadcast, a webinar. Content is everywhere you go. Look at all the big companies, like Apple, Coca Cola and others – they have content out there. Big companies now have YouTube channels and their websites. And what do they do? They create content and they build their brand like that.

2.It establishes you as an authority in your niche. Here’s the thing – if you’re reading this, you’re either in a network marketing opportunity, or in internet marketing. There are thousands of people out there who promote the same offers as you do. The question is – why would someone join YOU over everyone else? How are you different? You can’t just go on Facebook, and ask people to join your team. That’s not how this business works. You have to develop trust with people. People don’t join just anybody, or any company. They will join because of YOU.

That’s why you have to position yourself as an authority in your niche, that educates people on a particular subject. People don’t trust just anybody. They trust people who have influence. Authority figures do. That’s why content creation is so vital. 

3.Content is used throughout the entire sales process. Let’s take a look at a very simple example, if you’re promoting an affiliate offer. Imagine there are 2 people. One is posting capture pages / sales pages in Facebook group telling people to join them in a program. And another person is creating a blog post / a video just like this, and then offers them to learn more inside that program. What do you think is more attractive? Clearly, the second approach. 

Content helps you build rapport and relationships with your audience (and that’s how a lot of people are getting autopilot sign ups and sales in their business). Because of content creation. It works awesome especially if you’re using videos for your marketing. Once you see someone on video sharing the content and their story, you feel like you know that person. And you would clearly join someone that you already know, rather than someone spamming Facebook groups with their links. 

4.Content educates / creates awareness around your product. Let’s assume that you have your own product about video marketing (or any other topic). What’s better – to send an email to your list with a link to a sales page, or create a piece of content (either a video or a blog post) and direct people to your product there? You can share a little bit on video marketing topic in your content, and offer people to learn more and in details inside your course. 

The same thing applies to webinars. You share value driven content on a certain topic, and then you offer your course for your audience to dive deeper, where you give them more time with you and you help them implement what you’ve taught them.

5.Longer customer retention. It’s a lot easier to sell something to an existing customer than acquire a new one. Not only content creation allows you to acquire more new customers, it also upsells your existing customers. So if you have customers in one of your affiliate programs, and then you have your own products, and people see value in it, they’ll buy it from you. That’s how powerful content can be. 

5 Reasons Content Creation Is Important


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