5 Ways to Improve Your Life NOW!

Are you looking to improve your life, or maybe even your business? Who doesnt?

I’m usually teaching a lot of marketing strategies, and lead generation, and prospecting. This time it’s something different.

If you’re willing to create some massive changes in your life, you have to do some inside work.

And in this blog post and video you’re going to learn 5 ways that will help you dramatically improve your life.

Ready to Improve Your Business?

I just watched a video where one of my mentors shared a pretty cool story about business owners that offered “free ice water” to grow their business. What does it have to do with you? The thing is, they used to struggle really bad, living in a small town and not having anybody visit their store at all.

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Again, this is not my most typical training, but I’ve been working on some of these things, so I wanted to pass this on to you. If you want your outside to change, you have to work on the inside too. That’s one of the absolute keys.

1.Express gratitude

This is one of the things that we all forget about. Be grateful for what you already have. Otherwise – why would you deserve more, if you don’t appreciate what you got? A pretty powerful phrase I heard a few days ago. Spend the first few minutes in the morning just thinking about all the things you have and be grateful for that. Some people don’t even have that. Even if it’s the little things. It doesn’t have to be anything massive like a fancy car or whatever. Gratitude is crucial!

2.Journal things

I’ll tell you what – I’m a journal / notebook junkie. I have SO MANY different journals – just on my desk I have about five. I love to keep track of everything that I do – my daily mode of operation, all the notes that I take from trainings or events, the coaching calls that I do. Even the books that I read – some of the notes from them I put in a journal, so I can revisit it later without having to dig into the book.

One of my coaching clients is journaling every single day and what they want to accomplish. That is such a great way to keep track of everything that you do. Also, it’s an awesome strategy to hit your goals!

In the video below I share 3 more ways to help you improve your life. One of them has helped me out a LOT, and when I didn’t stick to it – always got me in trouble. Feel free to share this if it’s helpful.

5 Ways to Improve Your Life

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