5 Ways to Promote Videos

A lot of marketers are struggling with how to promote videos that you put out there.

Content is great. High quality content is even better. But if nobody’s watching your videos, then what’s the point?

In this post you’re gonna learn 5 different methods to help you promote videos, which means more traffic, more leads, and more money in your business.

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1.Email Your List

I really hope you’re already building your email list, or base of subscribers. I also hope that you’re emailing them daily, or at least on a consistent basis. Your email list is your number one asset in the online marketing arena. That is your security. Your email list is the people you build long term relationships. There will be people who watch you for a few weeks, and others who will be watching you for months, or even years.

One of the best types of emails you can ever send to your list is value based emails. People love them, because they’re always looking for solutions to their problems. You can provide that through sharing valuable videos.

You can either send your list a YouTube link (definitely NOT recommended because of too many distractions). You can also send them a recording of a Facebook Live Stream or a video that you shared there. Facebook Lives get quite a bit of engagement.

2.Promote on Social Media

This one is pretty obvious, but most people don’t get how to do that properly. You can either use free options, or you can use paid ones. On Facebook Paid Video Ads are getting extremely powerful, and you can get really creative with them.

You can share your videos in groups and communities to get more exposure. However, you still gotta build your audience on social media, that will actually see your stuff that you’re posting.

In the video below you’re gonna learn 3 more incredible ways to promote videos, so that you can get more exposure and build a more profitable business.

5 Ways to Promote Videos

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