6 Major Causes of Failure

Do you know why a lot of people don’t succeed in their endeavors?

Napoleon Hill shared 30 major causes of failure in his book “Think and Grow Rich“.

I wanted to share the 6 of them, that I took away, that really apply to the home business industry.

So if you still haven’t achieved the level of success you’ve planned to, read this full post and watch the video.

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1.Lack of defined purpose

If you don’t know your goals and your vision in details, you’re doomed. Most people say that they just wanna make money. Not true. If you’re only money driven, you won’t last long in business. You have to have a well defined goal.

What is it that you wanna make with that money? Do you wanna travel more? Good! What countries? What places do you wanna visit? Do you have some business goals? Good! What specifically do you wanna achieve? Become a worldwide speaker? Become a New York Times Best Selling Author? Do you wanna contribute to charities? Which ones?

Get ridiculously specific with your goals and with your vision. The more clear it is to you, the more driven you will be to actually attain it.

2.Wrong education

There are 2 types of education – traditional one (school-college-university) and self-education. I personally prefer the second one, because I get to choose WHAT I learn and WHO I learn from.

I heard one very powerful phrase last year at an event – “If you wanna become successful, you have to learn from successful people. If you don’t, you can learn from a professor in university“. That is the reason I didn’t go to college and went into self-education.

The reason I’m not a big fan of traditional education is because they don’t teach you stuff that you need in life. I don’t really apply geometry or algebra on a daily basis. I don’t use any chemistry formulas that we learned.

When you self-educate yourself, you learn from people who know what they’re talking about. You learn the practical stuff that you can APPLY in your life and business.

Don’t get me wrong with traditional education though. Here’s why. I wouldn’t go to a doctor or surgeon who doesn’t have a degree. That’s one of the very few professions that DOES require that.

In the video below I share 4 other major causes of failure that I learned from Think and Grow Rich. So feel free to check it out.

6 Major Causes of Failure

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