Blogging is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies, that brings long-term results for any business that you decide to promote. Why? Your blog is your own content, it’s your own “online hone” where you can do anything you want.

Having a blog is extremely important, because it positions you as an Expert in your niche in front of your audience’s eyes, it is so much easier to develop relationship with your audience when you have a blog and you can build trust and credibility much faster than through any social media.

And guess what happens when your audience starts to trust you and considers you as a “go-to” person? They become interested in how they can work or partner with you, and they will most likely buy whatever you have to offer.

Blogging is not that difficult as it may seem like and there are many myths that stop people from starting their own blog, which I talked about in one of my previous blog posts. However, if you really want your blog to be your “money-making-machine”, there are 6 steps that you need to take in order to build a successful blog online.

Know Your Audience

This is the first thing that you need to think about. Who is your blog designed for? Who do you want it to read? Who is your target audience? Because if you don’t know it, you won’t have any engagement on your blog, and people will not be interested in your content. That’s why it is extremely important to define the exact audience that will be genuinely interested in your blog and what you have to offer. As an example, if your blog is about Fine Arts, Dog Lovers definitely won’t be your target market. Makes sense?

Value Driven Content

As I always say – Content is KING. People will only come to your blog if you have good content on it. If you don’t, they will leave immediately. Your number one goal should be to educate your readers. If you headline says “5 Ways to Generate Leads”, be very specific and deliver what your readers came for. When you have Value Based Content, your audience will love you for it! Here are a few ideas for blog posts:

  • The Best Books that you’ve read
  • Tips & Tricks for List Building
  • Top Prospecting Questions for Close
  • Must-Have Tools for Video Marketing
  • 5 Reasons to Start Doing Webinars

Clear Call-To-Action

One of the main goals of having a blog (and business in general) is to build your List. Your list is your asset. Your list is your subscribers that know, like and trust you. And blog is such a great way to build it! But in order to do that, you need to have a clear CTA (Call-To-Action). What do you want your readers to do while they are on your blog? Opt-in to your, obviously. Here are a few ways for you to capture their emails:

  • Sidebar Opt-In
  • Pop-Up Opt-In
  • Top Bar Opt-In (you can use Hello Bar for that)
  • In-Post Form
  • P.S. Line under blog post
  • Button, which redirects to an Opt-In Form

Compelling FREE Offer

Having an Opt-In form is okay and it will work, but only if you have a good Free Giveaway, something that your target market will be interested in, and something that will benefit them. If you’re a Network Marketer like me, you may know that most marketers struggle to generate leads online, so why not give away a Free Cheat Sheet on “how to generate 5 leads a day using Facebook”? That’s just an example, but you can use it if you wanna create your own Cheat Sheet. You can also create a Free Report where you share your Daily Method of Operation for Success. You can also give away a Video Training or a Video Series. There’s so much room for creativity and your knowledge that you can turn into Free Offer. Check Out My Free eBook with 10 Steps to Success

Share Buttons 

This is the exact feature that EVERY single blog has to have. When people come to your blog, and if they like your content, they may want to share it with others either on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. So give them the ability to share it. Don’t you want your content to go viral? Who doesn’t, right? There are many plugins that you can use on your WordPress blog (a self-hosted one), such as Digg Digg, Shareaholic (that’s the one I use), OptimizePress offers that as well. Just pick one and you’re good to go. 


That one is my favorites! I am a very consistent person, I always finish what I started, I always push hard to accomplish my goals. And you should too! Especially with blogging. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes effort. And yes, it requires you to be consistent if you wanna get results. If something doesn’t go the way you want in the beginning, don’t quit! Don’t even think about it! It WILL take time to build your Blog. But trust me, it’s worth it! 

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