6 Periscope Marketing Tips

If you knew the best Periscope marketing tips, do you think you’d totally crush it with live streams?

This is the exact platform where I started recording some of my first videos.

It was very uncomfortable. The platform was new. And heck, I didn’t have any training to follow.

Now Periscope is over a year old, and there’s lots of tips for marketers.

In this post and video I wanted to summarize some of the stuff that I’ve learned from Periscope platform, that you can implement.

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1.Your Profile

No matter what social media you’re using, your profile has to look professional. On Periscope it’s very short, so you have to be to the point. Your profile should cover who you are, what you do, your website, and what can people expect from your live streams, or scopes. Short and sweet.

Also, make sure to use a clear picture of YOUR FACE (preferably smiling). Don’t use random images of animals, or your little kid, or your dream car. People wouldn’t follow you. You have to be a PRO.

2.Promote Your Account

Periscope is a lot different than all the other social media platforms. You cannot really talk or chat with people there. That’s why you have to use different sources to promote your account and get followers.

You can include a banner or a link on your blog (or your username). Use other social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram to invite people to follow you and to join your scopes live.

If you are building an email list (hopefully, you are), then you can invite your subscribers whenever you go LIVE.

In the video below I share 4 more awesome Periscope marketing tips. One of them actually explains how you can get more followers on your Periscope channel inside of Periscope 🙂 That was a big “aha” moment for me.

6 Periscope Marketing Tips

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