7 big follow up mistakes network marketers make

Have you heard that the fortune is made in the follow up? If you’re not making money in your business, it means you’re making some of these big follow up mistakes

I’ve done every single one of them. We all learn from our mistakes, right? 

In the video below I share 7 follow up mistakes that most network marketers make, so if you’re having difficulties with signing up people in your business, then watch it. 

Do You Follow Up Like a PRO? 

One of the follow up mistakes that I share in the video below is not organizing your prospects. If you’re not doing this, you will forget about them, and you won’t sign them up down the line. What if you talk to somebody today, and they’re not ready to join? So you have to follow up with them in 6 months. Then 6 months go by, and you forget to follow up with them. Sale missed! You don’t want that. You also don’t want to write everything on paper. Come on! We live in the Internet era! 

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1.Not Making the Call

I am soooo guilty of this one. I was just afraid to make calls. Can you relate? I don’t know about you, but I was terrified to pick up the phone and dial the number. I was scared that I’d say the wrong thing, that I’d be judged, that I’d forget words (non-native English speakers problems). 

You gotta change your mindset about calling your leads. If you generate a lead, and they left a phone number, they’re basically ASKING you to call them. Don’t be scared of that. Don’t come from a place of selling them something right away, come from a place of service. You gotta help them, cuz they asked you. 

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2.Waiting Too Long to Make that Call

Whenever someone leaves their phone number, call them as soon as you can. Call them while they’re still “hot”. Why? Because at this exact moment they were checking out your website, or your blog, and when you call them, they usually wouldn’t ask “where did I opt in, again?”. And if it was from your blog, they’ll be surprised that you even called them. Don’t delay. 

In the video below I share 5 more absolutely critical follow up mistakes that keep you stuck in your business. So if you wanna be come a professional in your field, check out the video.

7 Big Follow Up Mistakes


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