7 Hottest Facebook Live Tips from Mark Harbert

Would you like to know 7 of the hottest Facebook live tips?

This feature has been available for quite some time already. However, not everybody is using Facebook Live. And even when people do, they don’t do it the right way, which doesn’t get them a lot of results.

About a month ago I went to Live the Dream 7 event in Austin, TX, where Mark Harbert was sharing these Facebook Live tips. So I wanted to pass them on to you.

Facebook Live Tips Free Training

Prior to getting started doing live broadcasts on Facebook, I knew I had to get trained how to use it properly. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that wants to know the details before doing anything.

There’s SO much you can do with Facebook Live Stream, because it’s available now both on your personal page and fan page. You get to choose where you wanna use it. But it’s by far one of the BEST ways to engage with your friends and followers, because they get to see you LIVE. Super powerful to build rapport and trust with new people. Especially if you’re very active with building your audience on Facebook.

Right now Facebook Live Stream is very similar to Periscope, but it just makes sense to go live on Facebook if your entire audience is there. I’m not saying that Periscope is dead. It’s not. But it takes time to build a following there. So if you’ve been doing this on Facebook, DO Facebook broadcasts. They definitely get more attention than even regular Facebook videos.

There’s a free training that I’ve gone through that has helped me a lot in understanding some technical things about Facebook Live Stream and how to get more engagement through it.

You Can Access the Exact Free Training Here

First of all, I wanted to address one mistake a lot of people make (sometimes including myself). And that is not giving a Call to Action at the end of the live video. The whole purpose of creating content is to generate leads or to have people reach out to you. That’s why you always have to tell people what to do next. If you don’t – they won’t do anything.

I was giving examples of Call to Actions to my coaching clients. There are 2 options you can use. The first one is telling them to reach out to you or send you a message if they need help with XYZ problem. The second option is to lead them to a capture page, which can be put in the description box. This may either be your own free giveaway or newsletter. So that’s my bonus tip.

In the video below I share 7 of the best Facebook Live tips that I learned in Austin from mark Harbert. They are very simple, yet super effective. So if you’re no implementing them, you might be wasting your time doing those Facebook Lives.

7 Facebook Live Tips From Mark Harbert

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