Building email list is an essential part of running a successful business online. And if you go and ask the biggest leaders in the industry what they would do if they had to start all over, all of them will tell you – building email list.

You may have heard of building email list very often, and some of you may be wondering – why do I need building email list? What’s in it? 

And today I’m gonna share 7 reasons WHY every single marketer, or a blogger, has to be building email list. 

  • Your list is your #1 online asset, that provides security, freedom and comfort in your life.
  • Having a well-developed list allows you to have massive leverage and create cash-on-demand.
  • You can build relationships with a HUGE audience at once without spending a lot of time.
  • You can get better and higher response from a single email than from a status update on Social Media.
  • Automation – sending an email is as easy as a click of a button. You write an email or hire a copywriter who does it for you, you click on “send”, and make automated commissions, even without picking up the phone.
  • You can sell whatever you want to your subscribers, as long as it is congruent within your niche.
  • And the best thing about having an email list, is that these are all people who literally raised their hand and asked you to share with them what you have to offer.

3 Steps to Building Email List Effortlessly:

1) Have a high converting lead magnet – give your audience something of value for free, e.g. an ebook, a free report, a video training. People love free stuff as long as it brings value to their life. You can either create something on your own or leverage other people’s stuff by using this system.

2) Have an opt-in form, you can plaster them on your blog, as a pop up, on the sidebar, under blog posts. You can also create separate squeeze page and market them outside your blog.

3) Drive highly targeted traffic to your offers. You can promote your blog posts using Facebook Ads and get people to opt in to your list using your free give away, or you can drive traffic straight to your squeeze page, and then promote your offers to your subscribers via email (using autoresponder, such as AWeber).

Now you have a clear picture of what an email list can do for you and your business. And the beauty of having an email list is that you don’t need to beg people to join your business, or harass your friends and family. You literally offer people something on value, they raise their hand, and then you just build relationship with these people! 

Did you get value out of this? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented and shared! 

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