7 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in today’s economy.

You can hardly find any company not using Social Media Marketing in their business. 

Look at the companies like Apple or Nike. They all use Social Media. Why? Because it’s effective! 

Everyone is on Facebook today, right? There are over a billion people registered. 

Imagine the size of the audience you can tap into? Social Media Marketing is so powerful!

So if you’re not utilizing Social Media Marketing in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. 

So today I’m going to share with you 7 Steps for Effective Social Media Marketing.

1.Know Your Target Audience.

Without knowing who you should be targeting, you’re broke. That’s the sad truth. So you should know what is your product for, how will your audience benefit from the product. Your target audience must be crystal clear for you, before doing ANY marketing. If you’re targeting the wrong people, you’re just wasting your time.

2.Only choose the platforms that fit you best.

Once you know your target audience, think about the exact platforms that they’re using. Do they use all of them? Or maybe they’re just using Facebook, or just LinkedIn? You don’t want to spread all of your marketing efforts into all the platforms. If it’s Facebook, go on Facebook. If it’s Twitter, go on Twitter. I am personally registered on every social media, but my main platforms are Facebook and Instagram. I don’t use LinkedIn, because it’s not the right audience and not the right platform for me. 

3.Have an end goal in mind.

What do you want to accomplish out of social media marketing? Do you want people to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want them to join your Facebook group? Do you want to get them on the phone or Skype for a consultation? It’s so critical to have an end goal in mind, and know what action EXACTLY you want your audience to take.

4.Take time to make a strategic plan for social media marketing.

You want to market effectively, right? Then you definitely need a plan. You need to be super productive, especially if you’re choosing to be on 2 platforms. You need to take about 30-60 minutes in the beginning of the day, or the week, and make a schedule of what and when you’re going to post on Facebook, Twitter. You may even use some tools for automation, like Hootsuite (for both Facebook and Twitter) or PostPlanner (for Facebook). It will save you a ton of time.

5.Plan your content.

Not only it’s important to plan your “posting schedule”, it’s also important to plan WHAT you’re going to post. What topics are you going to cover on Social Media. What are you going to talk about? What does your target market want to know? Plan your content wisely. 

6.Interact with your audience. 

This is key, I talked about it in yesterday’s post. If you don’t interact with your audience, if you don’t show them that you really care, they’re not going to be attracted to you. Make sure you stay engaged. If you’re running a Facebook Fan Page, reply to comments that your followers leave. Stay present. And show them that you’re human. That’s so important. Your audience has to know that you’re there for them.  

7.Analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing is all about testing and measuring the results. Especially when you’re just getting started. You need to know what tactic brings results, and what doesn’t. And if you’re doing paid advertising, this is crucial. You don’t want to waste money, do you? Test, tweak and scale! Focus on what works, keep doing it, and eliminate what doesn’t work.

These are the exact steps that you need to take to make your social media marketing effective, and that’s going to bring you results that you’re striving for. 

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