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How do you craft a compelling sales letter for your audience? 

How can you persuade people with your words or with a Video Sales Letter

It all comes down to a skill known as copywriting, and from my perspective every marketer should learn it. 

What copywriting really is – is understanding your customer, and how they think. It has to do a lot with psychology and things like NLP. 

Wanna Master Copywriting? 

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There are 8 core elements of a high-converting sales letter that I learned from Brendon Burchard’s book “The Millionaire Messenger“.


The very first element that every sales letter starts with is an eye-grabbing headline. You have to hook people with it, and you have to either interrupt their thinking or get into their thoughts and speak into their mind. Headline is the most critical step of your sales letter, because if you don’t get your audience’s attention, the rest of the letter really doesn’t matter. They won’t read it if your headline doesn’t speak to them. 


After your headline now’s the time to present the problems that your target market has. You have to figure out what are their biggest pains and frustrations. Very powerful question to ask – “What keeps them up at night?“. And you have to show them in your sales letter that the struggle is real, and they have to do with that problem. You have to twist that knife so they really feel that pain. 

What Brendon says in the books is that you can never portray yourself as someone who has never experienced that similar pain. You cannot be that perfect person who has always been successful, and now you’re just trying to make more money. You have to show your audience, that you’ve been at the exact same place. And you’ve had similar or the same problems they are having right now. And this goes to the third element. 


This is the place where you have to show your prospects, that weren’t born successful. You have to show them you’re a real person who used to have real challenges, and frustrations, and stumbling blocks when you got started in business or whatever you’re trying to present to them. 

You have to find that commonality that will get them to relate to you. The best way to do that is through story telling. You gotta share your story and the way you started in your business venture, and how nothing was perfect, and nothing seemed to work in the beginning. But you were able to turn things around when you found XYZ solution. And then move on to the next element in your letter.

In the video below I share 5 more key elements of  successful sales letter, whether it is in text or in video, so make sure you check it out, so that you don’t miss out on anything when you craft your own sales letter!

8 Elements of a Sales Letter


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