Blog is a MUST when it comes to Internet Marketing, and if you’re serious about building your business online full-time in a long haul. Blog is a way to educate other marketers, blog is a way to position yourself as an expert in your niche. I can talk about blogging a LOT. If you don’t have a blog yet and are still thinking whether you need one, check out this blog post where I talk about the importance of a blog.

And today I’d like to share with you my top 8 must have plugins that I use on my blog, and if you wanna get the most out of your blog, you need them too.

In case you’re a blogging novice and don’t know what a plug-in is, here’s the definition – Plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to your website. There are millions of plugins that you can download on WordPress platform. Some of them are really good, and some of them are not really. 

So you have to be very picky when it comes to downloading a plugin. Always look at the plugin’s rating and what are the features. Some plugins may have the same features, so don’t download too many of them, or your website will be loading too slow. And you don’t want that.

And if you’re an OptimizePress user like I am, you don’t need a lot of plugins, because a lot of features are already included in this theme. However, I do have some plugins, that offer additional features, which I am sharing in this video.

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