3 steps to achieve anything you want

How do you achieve anything you want in life and in business? 

Let’s face it – we all have different dreams and desires, and goals, and things that we wanna have in life. It can be in different areas, such as business, health, relationships, finances, etc.

Every area is different, and people are always seeking balance in all of them. But how do you really make it happen and achieve anything you want, no matter how big is your goal or dream?

Maybe you wanna lose 15 pounds in the next 2 weeks? Or maybe you wanna hit a 5-figure income goal in your network marketing company? Or maybe you have a lead generation goal that you wanna hit? This can really be anything, but where do you get started without getting burnt out?

This is exactly what I’m gonna share with you today, and there are only 3 steps that you have to take to accomplish your goals, and prove to yourself that anything is possible, as long as you keep going.

Wanna Achieve Your Goals Faster? 

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Step #1: Set Your Goals

When it comes to achieving great things in business, in life in general, you have to know EXACTLY what you’re trying to accomplish. And I mean – you gotta be very very specific, or otherwise you’re gonna fail. I know this for a fact from my personal experience. When I didn’t know my goals, nothing was really changing. 

A couple things you need to do right now! First of all, write your goals down – just let it flow, don’t really over-think it in the beginning. Just take out a piece of paper and write for about 5 minutes. What kinda car do you wanna drive, what type of home do you wanna live in, what’s your income goal, where do you wanna travel. We did this exercise at one of the events that I went to last year, and it was incredible.

Then look at what you’ve written, and now you can tweak your goals a little bit, and make them even more specific. Especially when it comes to business, you have to know what it would take you to reach let’s say an income goal. I always recommend to break down big goals into smaller ones, because they seem more achievable (and they are!). 

Let’s assume that you have a 12-month income goal and you wanna hit 6 figures. That’s about $8,400 a month. Then work backwards (this method is called reverse engineering the process). And figure out how many sales do you need to generate per month to hit that goal. How much are you earning per one sale. Then, how many leads do you have to generate in order to get that amount of sales. What is your closing ratio from lead to sale? How many leads do you need to call? All of those things are extremely important. 

And the same thing can be done with let’s say a weight loss goal. For example, you may wanna lose 15 pounds. How soon do you wanna do this? 2 weeks? Maybe a month? How many pounds do you need to lose per week to get to that goal? What kinda food do you have to give up? How much do you have to exercise? And again, write it down! And make your goals visible wherever you go. 

In the video below I share 2 more critical steps to help you achieve anything you want in life, and if you don’t do them, you’re doomed (yep, that’s true). 

3 Steps to Achieve Anything You Want


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