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What do you do after you generate a lead? How should you follow up with them properly? 

This is a very common question that marketers ask. So if you’re not following up with your leads consistently and effectively, you’re just wasting your time and energy (and possibly money if you’re investing into paid advertising). 

Leads are the real people with real challenges, that are looking for solutions. That’s the reason they opt into your websites in the first place. So keep that in mind. 

Wanna Follow Up Like a Pro?

I’m a huge fan of different tools that simplify our lives. I had access to this software for about a year now, and haven’t really used it much until recently. Recently I seriously started playing around with it, and it’s NINJA! Click Here to Check This Out if you wanna follow up like a true professional, instead of trying to keep everything in mind about your prospects. Otherwise, you can keep a sheet of paper every time you call your leads, that you’ll throw into a bin anyways. 

First things first, so you have to figure out what’s your main source of traffic. You have to treat all the leads a little differently, and you gotta know where they are coming from. So make sure if you have multiple sources of traffic, track where each of them is coming from. Do you get a lead from your blog, or from your YouTube channel, or from a Facebook PPC? Have software in place to see what’s working for you. And the above link allows you to track all of your links too, as a bonus! 

The next thing you have to be clear on is are you collecting names and email addresses, or are you also collecting phone numbers? If you are focused on just getting emails, then you might need an autoresponder to follow up with your leads (heck, you MUST have an autoresponder anyways). I’m personally using AWeber, you can grab your free 30 day trial here. In the video below I talk about ways how to utilize an autoresponder in details, and a ninja trick you can use right away if people are leaving you only their email address (without their phone number). I’ve tested this, and it works like a CHARM (I signed up a couple people in my business this way). 

And here’s something that is very very important. If you are asking for people’s phone numbers, but you don’t call them, what’s wrong with you? If you don’t call them, someone else will, and someone else will sign them up. Do you really wanna leave money on the table like this? I’m sure you don’t. In the video I talk about calling after you generate a lead in more details. 

You Generate a Lead.. Now What?


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