Become A Top Producer

Do YOU want to become a top producer in your company, or in any business that you are promoting? 

I’m sure you DO! Why wouldn’t you? That’s what all the home business entrepreneurs want. 

You are in this business to succeed, to be recognized for your leadership! 

BUT there are certain things that you need to have in place. Remember, if it was easy, everyone would do it! 

So I was at a webinar the other day, and the information that was shared that, had a tremendous impact on me and my business, that’s why I wanted to share the exact 3 steps that you need to take to become a top producer in your company.

Step #1: Commitment 

When you’re just getting started in network marketing, or affiliate marketing, or any other business, you gotta 100{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} commit yourself to it! Stop jumping around from program to program, from company to company. Find ONE company, or one platform, that you feel comfortable working with. 

It also applies to a marketing strategy that you’re choosing to run with. It can be anything – social media, video marketing, blogging, paid advertising. There are SO many different things to choose from, that a lot of people get so overwhelmed and choose EVERYTHING, and never get any results from that. 

You need to choose only ONE strategy and focus on mastering it! Run with it for at least 30 to 90 days. It doesn’t matter which strategy you choose, because every single one of them WORKS. Focus is everything. 

The first step is to invest in your education. You can’t just go out there and do something that you’re not educated on. You’re gonna waste a lot of time and not get any results. 

How To Become A Top Producer In Your Company

Step #2: Consistency 

That’s one of the biggest problems that most marketers face (myself included) – lack of consistency. If you wanna become a top producer, you MUST be consistent with your marketing strategies. If you blog 3 times a week, and then you don’t blog for 2 weeks, don’t expect to get any results whatsoever.

Consistent action means doing something 5-6 times per week! Sounds too difficult to do? As I sad – if it were easy, ANYONE would do it. The question is – how bad do you want it?? 

If your “why” and your vision are big enough, you gotta do whatever it takes. That’s the attitude to work with! 

Showing up is 90{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1} of success, not 80{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1}, not 70{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1}. It’s 90{f3c65145988e2e59c83e583cebd868b487b41a6223d103cb7159bbb31ea456e1}!!! You always attract who you become. Do you want your team members to produce in their business? Then you have to produce YOURSELF first, so that you can inspire them!

Once you start showing up in your business, people around you will notice that, and they will start to thing – he/she is up to something! 

You need to create momentum with your marketing. Momentum brings results. Consistent actions compounded over time will bring you the results that you’re looking for. 

Step #3: Mental Toughness

You need to have a resilience, and stay committed to your marketing strategy that you picked. There will be all kinds of shiny objects along the way. There are so many webinars happening every single week on different topics. 

Someone’s generating 50 leads a day with Facebook ads. Another person is getting 100 leads on Twitter. Shiny object syndrome happens to everyone (yes, it happened to me too). Horse - put your blinders on

You need to put your blinders on. Look at that horse on the right. That’s how blinders look like! Think of yourself as a race horse. When this horse is running, it’s focused only on the finish line – on the result. Horse doesn’t look at its competitors – other horses that are also running. 

You have to develop this mental toughness to become a top producer. Stay focused on what you’re doing, and forget everything else.

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