Best Copywriting Book You Will Ever Read

Do you know the best copywriting book you will ever read?

Just recently I finished reading it, and I was absolutely blown away with the information inside of it. 

Copywriting is one of those skills that you absolutely HAVE to master, because it literally can be used in every single piece of marketing that you do.

Wanna Learn How to Print Money With Words?

If you are dead-serious about your business, and are looking to learn how to print money 24/7 with an incredibly powerful skill which is copywriting, then this is by far the BEST course that you can ever get your hands on.

How would you like to learn from a multi 8 figure copywriter, who has spent 10+ years mastering this skill? This course is engineered to transform you into a lethal copywriter so you never have to worry about money ever again. Sounds cool? 

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This has been by far one of my best investments I’ve ever made in my business, because I know what this course can make in the long term. One very cool bonus inside this course is the interview with the one and only Dan Kennedy. So this one interview is totally worth the entire investment in the course. Can’t recommend it enough.

Why learn copywriting?

Why do you even need to learn that skill called copywriting? What’s the benefit of it? I personally used to think that I’d never be able to master this skills simply because I’m not a native English speaker. And I just thought all the principles would be too damn difficult. But then I was at an event last year, and I met a guy who was a master copywriter. And guess what? English was his THIRD language! Not even the second one! At that moment I realized that if he could do it, so CAN I! So there are few reasons why copywriting is important for you and your business.

First of all it’s the #1 paying skill online, period. If you search for good copywriters, they charge premium money for their services. If you hire someone to write an email copy for you, it’d cost you about $100 per email. Not bad, huh? And when it comes to sales letter, the pricing is in thousands of dollars. 

This leads to another reason why copywriting is so essential, which is great copywriters are never broke. If you only master this skill, you’ll definitely never have to worry about money again. Copywriters are totally sought after people in any industry that requires selling (everywhere pretty much). 

Another reason is that traffic strategies come and go. Every single year if not month there’s something new on the horizon. The strategies that were hot 10 years are no longer here, or not used that much anymore. Just to give you an example is I know a big traffic guy in the internet marketing industry. So I was at his webinar last year, and that was the first time he ever had traffic problems. Like, real ones. So he had to completely re-vamp his business as a result. 

Copywriting bleeds into ALL of your marketing – emails, social media posts, blog posts, videos. Whatever you do, your language matters a LOT, which is copywriting. If you’re considering mastering this skill and thinking that you’d only use it in your sales letter or emails, then you’re WRONG! You’ll use it everywhere you go. Even when you talk to prospects on the phone. Very very powerful!

What is dangerously persuasive copywriting?

If you’re still thinking what the heck is copywriting, here are a few key things you have to know.

The way Joe Vitale says it – “Copywriting is anything that holds your attention long enough to get your money“. It’s all about the engagement that you have with your audience. Copywriting allows you to keep their attention as long as possible.

It’s also when you get out of your head, and get into your prospect’s head. That’s the most powerful place you can EVER be. When you understand the psychology and the way people BUY things online, you’ll build a very profitable business. 

And one of my biggest takeaways from the course is it’s NOT about YOU, YOUR offer, YOURself… It’s all about THEIR thoughts, THEIR dreams, and THEIR desires. Always but the focus off of you, and put it on your readers. 

So in the video below I share the best copywriting book that you’ll ever read. This is my personal opinion, you can disagree with me, because there’s tons of copywriting books. But if you’re looking to write some serious copy in your business, you MUST read this book, and more than that – you gotta keep it handy. 

Best Copywriting Book You’ll Ever Read


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