best times to post on social media

Do you know what are the best times to post on social media?

I got this question a couple days ago on my Facebook Live Stream, so wanted to share my answer.

Today I wanted to cover 4 social media platforms, as they’re all different. Each of them has different rules that you may wanna follow to make it more effective for your business.

In today’s video I talk about Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Like I mentioned – every single one of them is very different when it comes to sharing content.

Confused With Snapchat?

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The real hidden question behind “What are the best times to post on social media” is how to get better engagement? That’s what everyone is always curious about. You want engagement if you’re gonna be posting something. You want people seeing your stuff, right? So when should you post?

First of all, I’m gonna cover the basics of Snapchat. There’s no algorithm (as of now) like on Facebook or Instagram (which I talk about in the video below). So all you gotta do is post throughout the day, so you always show up at the top of the so called “timeline” on Snapchat. One thing I can tell you about Snapchat is don’t over-post there! Don’t do a lot of rambling, because no one’s gonna watch it.

Content is king on any social media. So it has to be educational, entertaining and interesting. That’s the way to get better engagement on your posts, and more people who will be following you in the long term. One pretty obvious thing (a lot of people forget that with all the automation stuff) is you gotta post whenever your audience is awake. My audience is mostly in the United States, so I post my content adjusting it to their time zone.

In the video below I talk about 3 absolute killer social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When should you be posting your content there? The answer is here.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

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