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Are you a blogger? If the answer is yes, then it absolutely should be a self hosted WordPress blog, because you gotta take full control of your site. 

Don’t use those free blogging platforms, because you never know what’s gonna happen to them. 

Now, a lot of people ask that question when it comes to starting a blog – what’s the best WordPress theme

If we talk about WordPress and Theme, a great analogy is WordPress platform is a human, and a Theme is clothes. Your theme is the overall design of your blog and the way it looks.

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme, you have to figure out what’s the purpose of your blog, how do you want it to look like, and of course what niche are you marketing in. Because if you are into e-commerce, the themes that I share in this post are not gonna be a good fit for you. But if you are a marketer, then it’s gonna benefit you a lot when choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog.

Theme #1: OptimizePress

That’s the theme I was using on my previous blog. It was basically designed by marketers for marketers. If you want something super simple, that’s the theme that I highly recommend for you to use. When I first started my blog, I almost had no idea how to do anything inside of WordPress, but I learned the OptimizePress theme pretty fast. And if you’re not very technical, that’s seriously one of the best themes you can ever choose.

Another thing you should always keep in mind is your website has to be mobile friendly. That’s what Google loves and they will put you higher in search engines if your blog is mobile responsive. With some themes you need to add some coding, with OptimizePress you don’t have to do anything extra. 

Theme #2: Flex PRO

That’s the theme I’m currently using on this blog. It is super simple, mobile friendly, and everything you want to be able to have your blog looking pretty nice. The reason I chose this theme was because it’s very similar to OptimizePress in terms of the overall look of the blog. However you don’t have all of those fancy features that OptimizePress gives you. But if you’re looking just for simplistic way to have your blog looking great, Flex PRO is awesome.

This theme is a Genesis child theme, so it’s very customizable, you can do pretty much anything you want with it. You don’t have to do this yourself, if it makes your head go round. Just a hire a designed if you’re crazy over blog design.

Theme #3: Divi

That’s the theme a lot of my friends are using, and to be honest, I think of switching to that theme very soon, because what you can do with it is insane! It’s not a Genesis theme, it’s a child theme of Elegant Themes, if you wanna check all of those themes out. This theme is mobile friendly just like the previous 2 that I talked about. 

Divi theme is very advanced theme, it takes a little bit of learning to master it. Once you go to Divi, you’ll never go back to another theme. The first reason is because Divi is ridiculously customizable. And the second reason is that Divi has its own page builder. What the heck is that mean, you may be asking. If you ever decide to switch from Divi theme to another one, you will lose your content that you created within Divi. You don’t do a lot of stuff inside of WordPress like you do in other themes. Divi is a separate monster. 

Watch the video below for more tips on things to consider when choosing your best WordPress theme.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme?


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