Blab or Periscope

Which one should you focus on more – Blab or Periscope?

Nowadays the Internet and technology are evolving, and live broadcasting apps are getting a lot more popular. There’s Periscope, Blab, Meerkat, Firetalk, and I’m pretty sure there will be more.

Are you using any of these? If not, why not? 

I love these live broadcasting social media networks, because they are like mini-webinars. You don’t have to be technical to set them up. Just click on a button and start talking!

So in this post I’m gonna compare both of these apps, and you can decide which one do you wanna use more – Blab or Periscope.

Both of these apps are connected to Twitter, so you don’t need to create additional accounts and memorize all the passwords. If you have a Twitter account, just download these apps on your phone, and sign up via Twitter. Pretty easy. 

When Periscope launched this year, I started digging it, and then began to do these little scopes, which was fun. When it comes to Blab, I was resistant to it, and I didn’t really want to get on it, because I thought it was weird. 

Long story short, I was talking to someone, and he asked me to get on Blab and talk marketing – and I agreed. This Blab turned out to be a 2 hour conversation! So I was hooked. Then I’ve been to 2 more Blabs, which lasted for freaking 6,5 hours!!! That was insane! And now we’re doing them weekly every Friday. So is Blab addictive? Hell YES! 

Speaking of Periscope, you can only do them from your mobile, and people can interact with you by commenting and giving you hearts only from mobile (they can’t do it from computer). 

But if you’re doing these Blabs, you can live stream both from your mobile phone or from computer. If you’re doing them via phone, make sure you use a tripod, so that you don’t have to hold your phone for 2 or even 6 hours. But doing them from computer is a lot more convenient!

What I personally don’t like about Periscope is that it’s basically one side conversation (you’re just speaking to yourself – pretty much like shooting a video), but people do comment. I personally prefer talking WITH people, that’s why I like Blab – you can have a total of 4 people Live on the panel. And on Blab you also have the chat on the right hand side, so people can ask questions and engage in the conversation. So it’s pretty similar to Webinars On Air, but people don’t have to register for them (they can simply subscribe and get notified when you go live). And more people can join while you’re live. 

I mentioned earlier that both Periscope and Blab are connected to Twitter, but here’s one of the main differences. On Periscope you actually have to find people to follow and people will have to follow you to get updates on when you go live. But on Blab, once you sign up via Twitter, you will already have followers and following transferred from Twitter to Blab (these are the people that do have a Blab account too). So that’s a pretty cool feature with Blab.

What I personally don’t like about Periscope is that if you have a lot of followers, the chat flies very very quickly, and you can barely read anything. On Blab a lot of the messages in the chat stay, and if someone asks a question, they are displayed in the question box.

However, Periscope is great for repurposing it as a video and sharing it on your blog. When you go to Katch.Me, you’ll be able to download your scopes, cut them and upload to YouTube (or you can embed them in blog posts like they are). With Blab it’s a little bit challenging (especially if you are live for 6,5 hours!), you also have to remember to click on “Record” button, or all your content will be lost. You can pause the recording every once in a while. And once you finish the Blab and the recording is ready, you will be emailed the video version and the audio as well (which you can repurpose as a podcast!).

The reason I like Blab is that you can meet new people and bring them on Live to the conversation – it’s so cool to meet other people from all over the world and actually talk to them! We met a lot of different people from Australia, from Canada, etc. 

The funny thing about Blab is when you have a great conversation and an engaged audience, even when you go off topic, a lot of people stay with you the entire time. We had people literally staying with us (in the chat) for 6 hours! They just can’t leave. It’s INSANE! People never EVER stay that long on webinars. It’s just not possible! It would be a lot more fun if Blab allowed 6 people on the panel, this would be real craziness. 

Another great thing about Blab is when you have a lot of total visitors and live viewers, they advertise you for free – they put you on the front page. We were on the first page on the first line twice, so that’s pretty cool. We had people coming on like that too. 

One thing you should remember when scheduling a Blab, is your headline. If it’s great, then people will come on your Blab just because of the topic that you have. You can also change the topic throughout the broadcast, and see which one performs better! 

If you like doing videos and you are growing your audience on Periscope, then by all means use it, but do them consistently – 5 to 7 times a week. With Blab I wouldn’t recommend that, because you physically cannot do them for 6 hours every day. 

If you are on Blab, make sure you follow me there.

Blab Or Periscope?

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