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Do you feel overwhelmed with starting your own blog? Or you don’t know what blog design ideas you can implement right now to make it work? 

Blogging may seem complicated, especially when you don’t know the basics of the platform that you’re using. You have to first work on the inside of your blog that will make it look good on the outside. 

But WordPress is not a complicated platform. From my perspective, that’s by far the easiest way to create any website from scratch without knowing any coding or HTML. There’s a learning curve, but all the information is out there on the Internet. You just have to pick it up.

When it comes to blog design ideas, a lot of people try to do something super complicated. No need to. If you look at my blog, the layout and the design in general is very simplistic. It’s not very crowded. I don’t have a lot of unnecessary stuff on it. 

Why is blog design even important? About 5 or even 10 years ago you could get away with an ugly blog. Today this doesn’t work. You gotta have a decent design on your website, or otherwise people will just leave it. And most likely they won’t come back. You want to keep as many blog visitors as you can. And like in anything in life, the first impression matters. 

I always look at my blog not only as my home on the Internet, but it’s like my face. It’s the reflection of my business and everything that I do online. And the way you treat everything, you have to treat your blog the same. It’s not just a marketing strategy that you’re using. It’s your vehicle that you run your business on. 

Here are a couple of blog design ideas you should implement right away:

  • Have your own branded header at the top of your blog
  • Your sidebar should be on the right hand side (at least it looks good that way) 
  • Your menu has to be visible (either below or above your header) 
  • Utilize footer for Social Media or ways to connect with you
  • Have social media sharing cons enabled on your blog

In the video below I go into details on what exactly you should have in place on your blog to make it work.

Blog Design Ideas


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