4 Key Blogging Components If Brand New

Would you like to know the basic blogging components that you need to have, when you’re just starting out?

The reason I decided to share this with you is because most people get so overwhelmed with perfecting their blogs before even getting any results.

With blogging you have to understand that you don’t need to make it perfect, you just need to get it going.

The faster you start taking action and creating content, the faster you will get results with your blogging efforts.

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4 Key Blogging Components


This is pretty much the starting point of every blog. You need to give people a feel of they can expect from your blog. A menu allows people to easily navigate on your site. They need to see whether your site is a blog or not (on some websites you don’t even know whether it’s an actual blog with content). Make it very clear.

This is a great way for people to get to know you, because you can have an “About Me” section. It’s also a great way to list some of the tools you’re using or affiliate products to monetize your site. As well as “Work With Me” tab. You can get some ideas by looking over the menu on this blog.

2.Free Giveaway

This is totally one of the absolute must have blogging components. The purpose of having a blog is to generate leads. So if you don’t have any possible way to get leads through your blogging efforts, don’t even promote your blog, because it’s gonna be pointless. If you’re not getting leads, why else would you blog?

Some great ideas for a giveaway might be an ebook, a free report (like I have on the sidebar), a video training, a webinar, a video series, a cheat sheet. Or if you’re just getting started, at least have a newsletter for people to jump on. Your goal with that giveaway is to help people solve a specific problem. If you don’t wanna create something of your own yet, you can check out this system, where you can get access to over 22 free giveaways that are already created for you.

3.How to Connect with You

If you’re gonna have a blog, you need to offer people ways to connect with you. If there’s no option like that, why are you in business? It’s all about YOU connecting with another human being, either it’s gonna be on the phone or on email, or through social media.

I have various ways for people to connect me. First of all, I have a “Contact Me” page in the menu, so you can send an email. I also have my email and Skype attached below every single blog post, so you can reach out to me. And obviously, I have social media icons on the right hand side of the blog. This is simply a must.

4.Call to Action

Last but not least is your call to action. What do you want your blog visitors to do when they come to your website? Become a lead? Buy something? Check out some free trainings? Call you?

That is the reason you need to have a free giveaway or a lead magnet, that I talked about earlier. Whenever you create a new blog post, don’t publish it without having a clear call to action (or a few).

You can see that in this particular blog post I have a blogging course that I’m offering for you to check out. At the bottom of the page I have a “P.S.” line about something that I’m using.

If you don’t tell your blog visitors what to do, they won’t do anything. Keep that in mind. If call to action is not a part of your blogging components, it’s time for you to fix that!

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