how to choose a blog niche

Have you been struggling with how to choose a blog niche to grow your business?

Maybe you are in a health & wellness network marketing company, and you wanna start a blog, but not sure if you wanna talk about this topic?

I was recently talking to somebody, and they were having challenges with choosing a specific niche to talk about.

So today I wanted to share my 2 cents on what I personally think about niching down your business and dominating the space with blogging.

Serious About Blogging?

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When it comes to choosing your niche for your blog, you first have to figure out what are you really passionate about. Is it health & wellness? Is it travel? Or whatever your primary MLM company niche is? Can you really talk about this industry every single day in videos, blog posts and everywhere else? If not, then there’s a second option you can choose, that I talk about in the video below. So feel free to check it out.Β 

How to Choose a Blog Niche

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