how to convert prospects on social media

Would you like to know how to convert prospects on social media

What is it that you have to do to have people join your team? 

Why do some people absolutely CRUSH social media and you’re still trying to figure it out? 

That’s the question I got recently on one of my Facebook live streams, so wanted to address this in today’s post. 

4 Million People Can See Your Tweets? 

Talking about exposure! How would you like to have 4 million people to see your posts on Twitter? Are you using Twitter at all? No? Why not? 

I believe this is still one of the most untapped social media platforms that not every marketer is using. Now’s the time for YOU to jump on it, and start getting people to ask YOU about your business! 

Do you think if a couple hundred thousand of a couple million people see what you’re posting, it could change your business? Then you better see it for yourself! 

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One of the things about social media prospecting that you have to understand is the better questions you ask, the better answers you’ll get from your prospects. This is absolutely critical. I’m sharing some killer questions that I’ve been using over the past couple months over on Facebook, that are absolutely gonna help you. 

You always (and I mean ALWAYS) have to be building relationships with people prior to offering them your business opportunity. Recently I was pitched over on Snapchat. That person didn’t have a relationship built up with me, so their biz opp link was totally not relevant. NEVER do this! You cannot send unsolicited links to people before asking their permission. 

Building rapport with people and warming them up is super important. And one of the BEST ways to do it is through quality content. Specifically VIDEOS! Yep, this has been by far one of the most effective types of content that I’ve been using on Facebook. I also cover this in more details in the video below. 

And the MOST effective way to convert people on social media to joining your team is through personal contact. Did you think I forgot about actually CALLING them? Hell no! If you really wanna sign up more people into your business, calling them is the best method. You can also use Facebook Messenger which is an absolute weapon for business, I cover how you can use it in the video below. So feel free to check it out.

Convert Prospects on Social Media

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