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I was recently on the call with someone and got asked – do you need to create your own products?

I’m sure you may have asked this question before too, so I wanted to share the answer that I gave on the call. 

Here’s the thing – you can create your own products down the line, when you gain more experience. It boosts your credibility and authority in the market place, which is great. That’s exactly what all the marketers are striving for. 

Because when you have credibility in the market place, you don’t need to chase your friends and family to sign them up in your business. You don’t have to do any of that stuff. People will come to you naturally.

Even though creating your own products is great, but people who are just getting started in the online marketing, are not ready for that. Why? Because they don’t have the experience yet, they don’t know how everything works, and they don’t have the results yet to show case. And when there’s a product the creator always shows their results, because when people buy a certain product, they are looking to get similar results. 

So what can YOU do when you’re just getting started and no one knows you? The answer is – Affiliate Marketing! That’s the perfect place to get started, where you can market someone else’s products without having to create them yourself. Don’t get me wrong – there are different business models (network marketing, top tier programs), but if you’re willing to make it happen in the online marketing space, affiliate marketing is the place to go (but be careful with what you’re trying to promote – there are good offers, but also bad offers). 

With affiliate marketing you always position yourself first (which is pretty simple to use if you follow this 5 step formula) – you create content, grow your audience, build relationship with that audience, and sell them affiliate products – you are providing solutions to their problems. 

So that’s basically how the process goes – you start investing in your education, you market affiliate products, and then once you get results and gain credibility, you can create your own products. 

As far as creating your courses (products) you gotta have results first. People will buy your results, because they know that you know what you’re doing – WORKS. Creating your products always comes from your own experience. So let’s say that you choose blogging as your main marketing strategy. And for the next year or two you blog every single day. Then you start getting consistent leads and sales, and people are coming to YOU willing to work with you. Then you can create your own blogging course where you share how you got these results. 

Another thing why people are afraid to create their own products and instead they go to affiliate marketing is because it entails some technical stuff – you need to have a membership site, payment/merchant integration, autoresponder integration, support system, refund processing. That sounds very overwhelming, but once you grow in the online marketing industry, and when you’re ready to create your own products, you can always hire people who know all of that who can help you. 

So there you have it. Are you just getting started? Start with affiliate marketing, get your feet wet in the industry, get experience, get results, build credibility and THEN create your own products.

Do You Need To Create Your Own Products?


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