Email Marketing IdeasHave you ever asked yourself – “what do I email my list about?“. That’s the question I got several times in the past couple of days, and wanted to address that. 

There are lots of email marketing ideas that you can utilize when sending emails to your newsletter subscribers, but a lot of people still struggle with that.

You generate leads, you build your email list. But then what? What do you do with those people?

I always recommend to send emails DAILY. That’s what I personally do. And you should be doing that too. You may be asking – isn’t it too aggressive? No, it’s not. If some people are not okay with that, let them go. They can unsubscribe.

Here’s the thing – you don’t want EVERYBODY on your email list. Not all the people are gonna stay. Some will unsubscribe. You shouldn’t be really worried about it. I love those un-subcribers just because after they leave, I have room for more people that are actually interested in what I have to offer. You have to embrace that too. If you have people unsubscribing from your email list, it means you are really marketing

So here my 3 favorite email marketing ideas that you can implement:

1.Content – Blog posts / Videos

I create lots of content every week, and if you do it too, then you absolutely MUST email your list the content that you create. Let’s look at it backwards. You create content to get people on your email list. And then you share more content with your list, so that they get to know you better. And eventually they trust you enough to buy something from you. That’s the way it works. 

2.Webinar Invitation

If you are doing your own webinars or even if you’re using a system like this, then you can always invite your subscribers. That’s that I do whenever I don’t share blog posts/videos. I can always invite people to a webinar (which I don’t even have to host personally). Webinars are awesome because they are scheduled, and people do pay attention to them. And that’s even bigger piece of content that a video or a blog post.


Heard a phrase “Facts Tell, Stories Sell“? Whenever you write something or even do a video, you gotta incorporate stories as much as you can. Why? Because people relate to stories, and that’s something they actually DO remember. Let’s say you wanna sell something in your email. How do you do that without looking like you’re actually selling something? You grab people’s attention with a compelling story. And then that story leads to your offer. 

In the video below I shared about 10 more email marketing ideas that you can use when emailing your subscribers.

Email Marketing Ideas


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