FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT TIPS | 7 Ways to Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT TIPS – 7 Ways to Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Wanna know the best Facebook engagement tips, so you can finally boost your organic reach for your content?

If you are growing your personal brand and just starting out, Facebook is one of the best ways to get started. You can grow your brand and business 100% organically, before you even think of paid advertising.

In this post I’m going to share with you 7 of the best Facebook engagement tips that I’ve implemented, that will work for you as well.

Facebook Engagement Tips #1:

Post high quality content! This goes without saying – if you are not publishing content, you do NOT exist. Period. Moreover, these days your content has to be high quality, as there are so many “wantpreneurs” that try to half-ass it.. You have to create content that will actually help your audience.

In order for you to do that, you have to listen to what your people are saying. What is their biggest struggle? Do you know what keeps them up at night? THAT’s the kind of content you have to create for them. Quality always trumps quantity. It’s better not to post anything, than to post a crappy piece of content.

Facebook Engagement Tips #2:

Ask questions. There’s no better way to improve your engagement, other than to actually ASK people to engage. In the video above I go into this in very details, and I share some examples on how I do it..

The point is, at the end of your posts ask a relevant question. Do not ask your audience what their favorite movie is, because that has nothing to do with business. Relevant questions will always make your people interact with your content.

Facebook Engagement Tips #3:

Do NOT post links! Facebook, just like any other platform, wants to keep you IN the platform. So whenever you are trying to send people away, you’re gonna get a “virtual slap” from Zuckerberg and te company..

Instead of dropping links left and right, encourage people to engage with your content first, so you can send them a message.. OR (even better), have them join your Messenger Bot. That way you don’t violate any policy from Facebook.

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  1. Wonderful Tips Jelena to boost organic reach on Facebook. Interactive and meaningful content on Facebook can give good organic reach. I prefer to post Facebook page content to relevant Facebook groups to boost more organic reach and it’s quite helpful. Thanks again for sharing wonderful tips here.

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