5 types of facebook fan page content to boost engagementWhen it comes to creating Facebook fan page content, it’s pretty difficult to gain any kinda engagement on the posts.

Why? Simply because Fan Page has a “pay-to-play” type of environment. So I will say, if you wanna play big, you gotta run paid ads. You don’t need a huge budget for it though. You can start small, and build it up.

I’ve been building up my page actively with advertising for almost a year, as of writing this article. So I’ve tested tons of different content and have seen what works and what doesn’t work.

In this post you’re gonna learn 5 types of Facebook fan page content that will boost your engagement. So if you’ve had challenges with it before, this will definitely help you!

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If you’re curious on how often you should be posting on your fan page, I go over that in the video below. Now let’s dig into the types of Facebook fan page content you can start posting right now.

Pictures & Quotes

This one is by far the simplest ones that also works on the profile. Pictures always grab more attention than plain text. Picture quotes get a ton of engagement and exposure, even on the fan page (even when you’re just starting out). People LOVE motivation! Be sure to not over-do it. Posting quotes is okay, but post other types of Facebook fan page content as well. Always mix it up.

Regular Text Status Updates

Pictures are obviously much better, because they stand out in the newsfeed. However, don’t underestimate a GOOD text status update. Sometimes your audience needs a little “kick in the butt” type of post. I’ve noticed whenever I post a “truth bomb” type of update, people like it. Pretty crazy. Long status updates tend to high engagement as well.

Curate Content

Share either your articles (and boost them with ads for better engagement), and sometimes share other people’s content. Keep in mind that whenever you post links on Facebook, in return it won’t get anything. You will literally get the lowest engagement (especially on the fan page).

The whole benefit of having a fan page is the ability to run advertising. Use it to your advantage. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your blog!

If you’re curious how often you should be posting on your Facebook fan page, watch the video below. Everybody has a different opinion on that, so I’m sharing what has been working really well for me. I also go over 2 more types of Facebook fan page content that has increased the engagement on my page TREMENDOUSLY.

5 Types of Facebook Fan Page Content

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