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Are you using Facebook for business? 

Are you actually getting significant results out of your efforts? Or are you still spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to utilize Facebook for business properly? 

Facebook can be extremely effective when done right. And I see people it doing all wrong, and expecting to get some results. 

People send me messages every day with their business opportunities, trying to get me buy their stuff, etc. 

Social media doesn’t work this way. If you’re still doing that – sending and posting links all over Facebook, please STOP! This is only hurting your business.

There are 6 big tips when it comes to Facebook for business, that I shared in the video below. Those tips are very specific and you can take action on them after watching the video! 

1.Establish rapport before you attempt to talk about your business or whatever offer you’re promoting. This is where the majority of marketers get it wrong. The first message they send to you contains their biz opp link. How would you feel like getting that kind of message? You won’t really feel like replying to it with something polite, huh?

I usually ask them how this approach works for their business. And if the conversation goes, then I may give them some tips and offer some training. And if they’re really close minded, then I let them go and do what they’re doing. Why? Because I don’t wanna have them on my team if they’re not really open to training and if they’re not coachable. 

2.Grow your audience actively. Especially if you’re just starting out. I see a lot of people make that mistake. They may create good content, but they have no one to read it. Facebook is HUGE when it comes to building an audience. And it’s super simple too. I used to over-complicate this myself, but once you get it going, it’ll be very simple to do. 

My recommendation is set yourself a number of people that you’re gonna message to a day, and stick to that for at least 90 days. Why 90 days? Because this is the time frame when you can gain huge momentum, and then your audience will grow more passively. My number is 20 people a day. You can start with 10 a day, or whatever fits your schedule. Again, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do 5-10 in the morning, and 5-10 in the evening. But growing your audience is absolutely vital. 

Make sure you build relationships with those people, and detach yourself from the outcome. Stop putting dollar signs on every person that you meet. They’re gonna sense that. Be genuinely interested in people that you meet. This will help your business in the long haul.

3.Follow 20-30 people a day. There’s that feature enabled on Facebook, so that instead of sending a friend request, you can follow people. Not every person has that enabled on their profile. But Facebook will not ban you or put you in a Facebook jail for following people. They may do that if you send too many friend requests, and a lot of those people don’t accept you. Facebook finds that suspicious, and they may block you from that activity. When you actually follow people, they will be notified of that too. And more likely, they can check you out, and they may send you a friend request. That’s a great way to build your audience and connect with more people.

Those are the key strategies that I highly recommend for you to use. I shared 3 more tips in the video below.

6 Effective Tips on Facebook For Business


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