How to Crush It With Facebook Live Stream

I’ve been using Facebook Live Stream ever since I got access to it on my phone, which I believe was February 18th this year.

And I decided to use it as much as I possible could, which is from Monday to Friday – 5 times a week (sometimes more).

In this post you’re gonna learn awesome tips to help you crush it with Facebook live stream!

Get Leads With Facebook Live Stream

Prior to getting started doing live broadcasts on Facebook, I knew I had to get trained how to use it properly. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that wants to know the details before doing anything.

There’s SO much you can do with Facebook Live Stream, because it’s available now both on your personal page and fan page. You get to choose where you wanna use it. But it’s by far one of the BEST ways to engage with your friends and followers, because they get to see you LIVE. Super powerful to build rapport and trust with new people. Especially if you’re very active with building your audience on Facebook.

Right now Facebook Live Stream is very similar to Periscope, but it just makes sense to go live on Facebook if your entire audience is there. I’m not saying that Periscope is dead. It’s not. But it takes time to build a following there. So if you’ve been doing this on Facebook, DO Facebook broadcasts. They definitely get more attention than even regular Facebook videos.

There’s a free training that I’ve gone through that has helped me a lot in understanding some technical things about Facebook Live Stream and how to get more engagement through it.

You Can Access the Exact Free Training Here

First of all, before doing a Facebook live stream you gotta brainstorm a topic that you wanna talk about. Preparation is always the key with anything, especially when you go live and cannot edit the video. You have to create a catchy title, that will make people watch your broadcast. Your title or headline is usually one of the key factors that will determine whether you get attention or not.

The second thing that is super crucial with live broadcasts is you have to engage with your audience. No matter how big or small it is, you gotta interact with them. And not a lot of people are doing that. Most leaders are physically not able to do so, because they’re getting way too many people on their stream (good problem to have though). But while you’re growing, the more you engage – the better.

In the video below I share a couple more details about doing an effective Facebook Live Stream. So if you’re ready to crush it, check it out!

Crush It With Facebook Live Stream

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