3 Strategies to Grow Facebook Fan Page Audience on a Budget

Are you wondering how to grow Facebook fan page audience on a tight budget? You’ve landed in the right place.

Over the last few months I’ve increased my fan base on Facebook by 2,000+ people using a mixture of 3 strategies that you’re about to learn.

The best part about it is I haven’t been spending tons of money on ads. A lot of the fans came to the fan page organically.

So if somebody is telling you that you need to invest a fortune into paid advertising just to build up an audience, I can prove them wrong (although paid ads is definitely something you wanna look forward to in the long run).

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So first of all, you have to understand the importance of growing your Facebook fan page. A lot of people (including myself a while ago) don’t really value this. Most, if not all, network marketers think they can get away with a Facebook profile. I agree – profile is the way to get started, because it does bring you quicker results.

Fan page on the other hand, takes time to build up, and requires you a TON of patience, which unfortunately, most people don’t have. However, Facebook fan page is going to be one of your biggest business assets. What’s the reason for that? Because you can run paid advertising for that audience. This is massive. And paid advertising allows you to scale your business as fast as you can run with it.

For any business you must be growing your audience. If you don’t have anybody who sees your offers, you don’t make money. Plain and simple. So you need more eye balls to your products, or business opportunity, or presentation, or coaching, or whatever it is that you are selling. So let’s dig into the strategies on how to grow Facebook fan page audience, especially if you don’t wanna spend a ton of money on advertising.

How to Invite Friends to Like Your Facebook Fan PageThe very first strategy, which a lot of people overlook, is you have the ability to Invite people to like your page. So if you’re building a Facebook profile right now, I bet you have a decent size friends’ list. You can invite those people to like your fan page. Keep in mind, that it’s probably not a good idea to invite the people that don’t care about your business (friends & family). I personally only invite people that I’ve personally talked to or have an established relationships, and the ones that I feel could benefit from my content.

So how do you do that? On the right you can see a little screenshot that I took from my page. All you do is click on “Invite friends to like this Page” and then choose people that you wanna invite.

The way I do it is I talk with people all the time on my personal profile, and I keep building up my audience there. And afterwards I go to my fan page and invite people to like it. I don’t consider it spammy, because people get to choose whether they wanna like it or not. Totally up to them. Especially, when you’re inviting people to join a fan page where you deliver valuable content and not just pitch your products.

Of course, there are many more strategies that you can use. In the video below I talk about two more that will help you grow Facebook fan page audience on a little budget. In fact, one of them has been responsible for me growing my fan page by extra 400 people in ONE week! 

Grow Facebook Fan Page Audience

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